What is happiness

Happiness is simply the absence of, or at least the lessening of the resistance to whatever is in front of us.
There are people from all around the globe who are happy. Some are rich, some poor, some having the best luck of their lives, others down on their luck. Some healthy some sick, some in crowds and groups and some by themselves. Happy people come in all shapes and sizes, tall, short, skinny or fat and all ages from cradle to grave. So, what do they all have in common? 
They do not resist life!

So, what does that mean exactly?
It means that they accept whatever circumstances, event or occurrence is happening for them in any given moment. I will say that last part again, whatever is happening FOR them in any given moment. Not to them. They do not look for people and things to blame for what is happening to them, they understand that whatever it is, whatever may be occurring is only happening for them, for their growth. They understand that it has already been put into place, it is on the game board so to speak, and there is nothing to be done except to accept it and to deal with it. Now accepting it does not mean they have to like it, or that they lay there and take it. Not at all, they may hate the moment, they may even get angry or upset for that moment but when it is all said and done, the trick is that they leave it all behind them, they return to their own state of balance, they learn from it. Release what is needed to be released and simply move on returning to a happy state of mind. This is our challenge, the challenge to being truly happy. Not to live in a world where everything is roses and rainbows but to live in a body where we can return to our own private roses and rainbows anytime we wish, regardless of what is happening in the world around us. This is true happiness and the good news is that it is also a choice! A choice we make every moment of every day. We choose how we react to every situation that presents itself to us. Unfortunately, most of our choices are unconscious and automatic, as we react to the stimuli around us with the same old habitual reactions, never giving them a second thought. Turning to others, to lay blame or sometimes, even worse blaming ourselves for other people’s habitual reaction that may be in front of us. 
“I feel bad because they did or said X, Y or Z” not realizing that what they said or did is only their old habitual knee-jerk reaction to the stimulus in front of them. In this instance you, and it really has little or nothing to do with you at all.

So how do we get to that state of mind? 
I believe the first step is to realize that it is in fact a natural state of being, that every sentient being strives to feel better. We may give this inner feeling various different names; joy, inner peace, satisfaction, contentment, fulfilment, bliss, wellbeing or indeed happiness. However, we describe this inner feeling, we all seek it. It is a search for ease, relief from suffering and pain. It is a bubbling up inside of goodness of knowing that all is well in our worlds. It is safety and it is fun, all of this wrapped up into a tiny ball that lives inside our hearts, waiting for us to acknowledge it and let it out.

Happiness is not just an emotion, but a skill that we can cultivate.
Over time in my practice I have come to understand what the happiest people among us have in common. It is that they remember the past with peace, anticipate the future with confidence and live in the present with joy and exuberance. I have discovered that what gives them this perspective is a set of skills that they consistently, even if sometimes subconsciously practice.
Over the twenty-five plus years that I have practiced as a transformational life coach, healer and Karate Sensei, I have had the privilege of working with and helping many people of varying ages and from all different walks of life. I have seen people transform before my very eyes. What I have come to realize is that finding happiness is easier than we think. We do not have to spend months or years in therapy digging up the past to try to find our happiness now. In fact, the only way to be happy now is to be happy now, in the present moment. By simply understanding this, it makes this process so much easier. And this is what this book is all about.

A shift in perspective
By finding simple ways to shift our perspective, to look at life a little differently moment by moment we are able to change how we feel at any given time. These simple shifts change how we feel in that moment and eventually our entire outlook on life.
These seven simple shifts of attitude make the world of difference to almost everybody who works with them. They encompass most if not all of what is required to find our happiness and they allow us to move step by step from where ever we are at present to a state of continued happiness. ‘The Seven Simple Shifts’ are simple attitude adjustments that help us see life from a different vantage point. 
They assist us in lightning our load or becoming en-lightened. An enlightened mind is a mind no longer weighed down by attachments; it is a mind that is free to be as it wishes without concern of what others think. It is a mind ready and willing to take on the world and all that it throws at it. It is a mind that is not so serious about things; it takes life a little more lightly. Could this be why enlightened people often laugh and smile more?

Welcome to A New Way of Living