What are you projecting outwards?

As we work towards our awakening we often see moments of the light. It is often fleeting, or if we are lucky it may last a few days, but most of the time we are in a passageway where we are asked to see what we are actually choosing moment by moment, to uncover what we really believe. We get the chance to reveal to ourselves who we are choosing to be and to reassess what we decide to do. Here we are steadily working through all those old programs that we are still holding on to.

Our habitual reactions, our excuses, victimhood, blaming, judgment, fears, guilt are all a part of the old and must go, and they go by being expressed. It is so important to realize that this is happening to all of us whether we are conscious of it or not. This is a challenge for even the most conscious of us, so as we go through our day we must be aware that tension is escalating everywhere as we all get shaken up in our physical realities. As this massive re-configuration, re-calibration occurs it falls on us to observe the extreme distortions of the human-ego unconsciously playing out around us, as many have no clue that they are projecting their own distortions outward. Unaware that they are clearing their own programming, looking for answers from the people and things around them and then laying blame for what they are feeling.

Our task is to observe ourselves, observe our reality, our mindsets, our projections, our stories, and make conscious choices. As we do this, we awaken and stand in our own power as love, as our highest selves. This is where we do the shifting, moment by moment choice by choice. When we do this the rest aligns simply and easily for us, in response to us.

Once we learn how to make this shift to living as our highest selves our task is to vigilantly work to stay there. Living from this highest place in every moment, every interaction, observing our unconscious aspects as we clear them from ourselves. Allows us to vibrate at a higher frequency to physically shift dimensions. To walk in a different world, one of our own creation. To create a life we totally love.

Welcome to A New Way of Living