We invite you to discover a system that will help you create tangible change from the inside out, from an energetic and emotional perspective.

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  • Are you tired of feeling held back, disempowered, overly self-critical, and afraid?
  • Do you find yourself living out the same old patterns that seem stuck on repeat?
  • Do you feel that there is more to life than this?
  •  Are you ready to create a life that feels passionate, exciting, and inspired?

In this webinar we are going to pull back the covers to reveal the ‘7 Simple Shifts’ the corner stone of all our work and the system that has been helping countless people over the past years to create lives that they totally love.

In this hour you will:

  • Discover a path to real transformation in your life
  • Hear about the true power of The Seven Simple Shifts
  • Experience a powerful meditation taking you closer to your true self!
Dear Al, You are one of my dearest mentors and were instrumental in helping me to leap into another level of my spiritual development. …….
and I am forever grateful.
Nicole (Canada)
Theatre Director and Performer

Your hosts
Al Williams & Anne Prichard

Al and Anne have come to their knowing through very different pathways; Al leaving society to retreat into the cave so to speak to find his truth, while Anne came to her realizations while fully immersed in the hustle and bustle of daily life. This gives them a unique overview from both the spiritual and the day to day points of view, giving them an insightful and simple approach to our awakening and the ability to communicate deep truths to the everyday person.

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