A 7-week

1-on-1 Transformational Life Coaching Series

Focused Entirely on

During our 7-weeks together you will learn that

Self-First is not Selfish

It is Self-Love!

Many people haven’t had the experience of someone truly listening to them and asking what it is they really want. They have never had the experience of being deeply seen and understood.

Simply being heard in this way can be a life changing experience.

Is this you?

Do you feel stuck in your life, looking for something new but not sure what it is? Do you lack self-confidence never feeling good enough? Is letting go an impossible task? Do the needs of others  somehow always come before yours? Do you find yourself feeling deeply sorry for yourself not knowing how to forgive yourself and others for past transgressions?

The perfect time

As we sit in our self-isolated cocoons many of us are feeling a bit lost, anxious, disorientated, uncertain and without direction. Even a bit scared with an un-easy overwhelming anticipation of an unknown future.

The very nature of the cocoon itself is transformation, which is change at the highest level. The question becomes: How do you want to emerge from this cocoon?  Who do you want to be? How do you want to live, truly?  These ideas are worth pondering…
It is up to each of us to decide how we want to fulfill our destiny, and to pursue ways to make the changes necessary for that to happen.

Your mission should you chose to accept it is in 7 weeks,  through ‘The Seven Simple Shifts’ to learn that Self First is not Selfish It is Self-Love.

This will give you the blueprint to have you living your best life ever —  from Self-acceptance to Self-Love — so that you can wake up each morning feeling fully alive and on purpose and go to bed each night feeling happy and fulfilled!

Imagine what it would feel like

You wake up in the morning in a state of gratitude knowing you matter, that you are worthy and loved.  You get dressed feeling good about the way you look. You go to work feeling powerful and confident. You relate to people in a way that is authentic and brings out their best.  You take risks and you boldly express yourself and your dreams. You no longer determine your behaviour or worth according to what other people may think of you.

Imagine that you have more kind things to say about yourself than mean. Your automatic go to is to always be compassionate and respectful of yourself. And you keep your arms wide open to receive all the abundance that is there for you, because you know you deserve it.

You navigate the world with your heart completely open and are not afraid to be hurt. And you go to sleep at night knowing that you are living a life that you’re fired up about, that you make a difference, and you love yourself just the way you are.

Now, this may be close to the life you live now, and you’re just tweaks away. Or it might be so far from anything you’ve experienced, that you’re thinking…How can I ever get there?”

Some success stories

Because the truth about self-love is that it is more than bubble baths.

We truly believe that self-love is your birth right.

You just need to learn how to master it.

Pleasure, authenticity, and making more time for your most important asset – YOU.

We can read all the books in the world, but true transformation occurs when we embody A New Way of Living and Being.

And ‘The Seven Simple Shifts’ teach us just that.

A look inside the 7-weeks of ‘The Power of Self-Love
V.I.P. Series’

Each week you will have:

Face to face

An in person or online coaching session where we will dive deep into a specific shift.

During the week

You will also get weekly teachings, audios, videos and inspirations to help you consolidate and internalize the work we did in the coaching session.

Email access

You wll have unlimitted email access to me during our 7 weeks together.

Reference center

You will have access to our library of past teachings, which is always growing.

Meditation library

And to our meditations to help you still your mind and soul.

A week by week overview

Shift #1

Telling yourself ‘I love you’ as often as is possible

In this shift you will learn the most powerful tool in our toolbox, that putting yourself first is not Selfish it is Self-Love. This is the foundational step that empowers you to truly create a life you totally love, a life crafted on your own terms rather than the expectations of others.

Shift #2

Choosing to choose a shift in perspective

This week we focus on learning how to make conscious choices, so that your own emotional well being and your ability to create your chosen life path is not triggered by all the well-meaning people who unintentionally pull you off centre. You will learn how to take a stand for what is important to you and discover how to hold fast to your true path.

Shift #3

Being comfortable with who you are

 This shift will inspire you to discover who you truly are and also who you are not so that you can stand tall — unapologetically walking forward in your life with confidence, grace and ease.

Shifts #4 & 5

Knowing that it is all about you & knowing that it is never about you

This week we unravel and try to understand one of life’s greatest entanglements. The fact that everything you do is ultimately about you and is therefore your responsibility. But at the same time everything that anyone else says or does even if directed at you is, and can only be, about them and is their responsibility.

Understanding this paradox allows you the freedom of no longer being affected by other people judging, mocking or criticizing you. You will have learnt to take back your power, rising above the noise with a deep knowing of what is yours and what is not.

Shift #6

Giving up all attachment to meaning and truth

This week we focus on the concept that truth is a relative term and depending on what is happening on any given day your perspective can change. 

Once you come to accept this, along with establishing your sense of self and knowing who you are, you will no longer be pulled by the constant nagging friction of do’s and don’ts that have constantly dictated your actions in the past. Whether they have come from your upbringing, society at large, your inability to say no or even your distorted view of what is required or expected of you, they have all kept you small.

Instead now you will begin to make different choices,  from a place of true knowing and mastery rather than your old habitual reactions born out of fear and anxiety and the need to get approval.

Shift #7

Celebrating everything, accepting it all

Once you start to get a grip of the first six shifts, where you have discovered who you are and who you want to be. You have learned to make different choices. You have disentangled yourself from other people’s actions and beliefs and your self-love meter is rising.

You are now primed to create an unbounded life with unlimited potential, with a freedom you have never experienced before. You are now ready to create a life you totally love, that takes into consideration how you’ve always wanted to live and feel and who you’ve always wanted to be. Without feeling circumscribed by old patterns that no longer serve you.

A new freedom emerges that literally transforms everything that you do.

What’s Next

During this week we celebrate mission accomplished and we introduce you to our support system so that you are not left alone at the end of our 7-week journey but encouraged and supported along the way with a group of like-minded people all working towards the same outcome. A life filled with grace and ease.

You get my full attention

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To facilitate that, I only accept 3 applications per month.

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About me

Transformational in his content, inspiring and empowering in his message, Al offers new insight to the big questions. 

With over 3 decades working as a Transformation Life Coach, Karate Sensei, and healer, Canadian born, Algernon Williams has lived and worked in London, South America, The West Indies and New Zealand.

Al has created many courses and workshops including ‘33 Days to Happy’, ‘The Awakening Series’ and now ‘The Power of Self-Love’. He is the creator of ‘The Seven Simple Shifts’ a unique, realistic and working model for true and long-lasting personal transformation which has helped many of his clients find a path to creating a life they totally loved.

Al is a power house of experience and insight. He dives right into the heart of the matter and looks at our commonly held attitudes towards work, family and relationships in this time of awakening. He offers a fresh view of life that challenges our habitual thinking empowering us to allow a new template for life to emerge, to living free, fulfilled with purpose and passion.

What if we could have the life we want? What if we were able to change our reality ourselves? Can we really have a life we don’t need a vacation from? Yes, we can! many

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Or 3 easy payments of $367

plus 2 monthly payments of $367 each

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