The Chaos before the calm

As we go through our awakening, our bodies minds and souls go through many intense energetic frequency shifts. This often results in deep waves of exhaustion, frustration, fear and nothing seems to make sense anymore. We are left wondering if we are falling apart or just going crazy. Why?
Shifting frequency is first accomplished on the energetic level as we move to a higher consciousness. This is what we spoke about earlier with the shifting of dimension. What we sometimes don’t realize or sometimes forget is that all our aspects: our energetic, mental, emotional and our physical body all need to make the shift as well. And that takes time, especially for the physical body as it is the densest.

Every time we step out of our comfort zone, we activate this process, we take a step towards a realization or a releasing of something that was held. When this process is set in motion, we have a magic moment, we can either choose to actively take that step, allowing the natural process of letting go to take place. Or we can prolong it and attempt to avoid it until the universe does us a favour and gives us a harder nudge providing us the necessary trigger/situation/people to kick start our release.

Whenever we do step into the uncomfortable, into the fear zone we are usually triggered, and become emotional. This is not a bad thing, or something to hide from, it is in fact a necessary start to an energetic frequency shift. If we can recognise this in real time and simply allow our emotions to rise without judgment they will pass as quickly as they arose.
However we choose to go through the release the hard way or the easy way, there are always two processes running at the same time. The first is the releasing of the old patterns that can no longer serve us in the new energetic frequency that we have attained. And the second is the integration of the new information, light codes that we have acquired by lifting our vibration and stepping into a higher frequency level.

A release of any nature or magnitude will always produce an energetic friction between the different frequencies now living within us. The old fear-based frequencies that we still hold in our bodies are surfacing to be let go. They show up in the form of emotional releases. If we can allow ourselves to feel them without being afraid of the pain, without going into the drama, or letting our heads create stories around them, we make the shift quickly. Treating emotions simply as energy without any interpretation empowers us in the moment. The trick is to find some quiet, feel the old pain and then let it go. If we can allow this to happen, we go deep, we release the fear that has long been held at a cellular level. And then after, we feel lighter, freer, with more space for the new.
There are many different aspects of our being all housed within us, depending on which is cleansing the emotions and physical sensations may feel different. The three basic bodies are, the mental body which is home of the ego and is generally considered to hold a masculine energy. The emotional body is the home of the inner child, creativity and is feminine. The physical body, the densest of the three and is the embodiment of the energetic frequency band we are currently in.
Releases from the mental body show themselves in the hamster wheel thinking, thoughts that go round and round, flying by without us being able to really grasp them. This type of release is very often experienced in healing sessions, as the mental body is often the easiest and quickest level to cleanse. The emotional body releases with feelings that surface suddenly and can be quite explosive, they often feel way out of proportion and completely overwhelm.

The physical body is by far the densest of the three being physical matter. It releases from the cellular memory and that takes a lot more time. It is often the last to release and is the deepest release of all. This release feels more like pulling toffee, it is sticky, it pulls back and is slow. That being said the emotions and thought patterns that come up during the physical release feel subtler and yet go much deeper. They are akin to a deep aching, that may feel like an old or even past life memory that becomes very real in that moment. As the physical releases, old chronic injuries and diseases may suddenly show up, as old patterns are purged. As awkward and painful as these releases can be the same applies, to simply allow them to be there, trying not to suppress or fight them.

As our bodies integrate this new information it must also form new pathways to operate on. We are literally rewriting our script as we take in this new data. Our bodies are upgrading and learning to maintain this higher frequency band width that we are in the process of fully shifting into. As with the releasing process, the integration of information into the different bodies happens at different speeds depending on the density. Our entire energetic structure needs to change to be able to handle the new frequency permanently. Which means rebuilding everything. 
Both the mental and emotional bodies usually integrate fastest, depending on the makeup and energetic balance of the person. Those people who hold a more predominately feminine energy often will start with the emotional body and those with more masculine the mental.
The emotional body experiences burst of unconditional love for the first time. This may sound wonderful, but it can be completely overwhelming and emotional at first, albeit in a beautiful way. There is also the feeling of connection, fist to others around and then to humanity, and eventually to all that is. 
The mental body on the other hand experiences sudden insights and aha moments. There are moments of clarity where suddenly everything is crystal clear and makes total sense. As ideal as that sounds it can leave us feeling like we no longer belong to the old world.
Again, the physical body needs longest to restructure its whole geometry and integrate the DNA upgrades. As the physical body integrates this new information, it must change its very DNA altering its behaviour, form and structure. As we do this a form of shape shifting is a common occurrence. As the body takes in more and more light, our eye’s change, our weight becomes erratic, going up and down at will, our food cravings change as we require different nutrients for different processes, our skin colour changes, hair growth intensifies. Along with that come tons of symptoms: Blurry eyes, spine pain, especially in the neck area, flu symptoms, especially a sore throat, ringing ears, heart palpitations etc.

As we go through these releases and integrations, the pulling between the two processes may cause us to experience a lot of chaos. Many of us at present are straddling the many ever-changing frequency bands widths, it is the separation of the two worlds that is talked about. As we are stretched between the two it feels like nothing makes sense anymore. We don’t understand what is going on, nothing works like it used to, we feel hopeless, useless and crappy. Although these phases are uncomfortable, they are a necessary part of the process and cannot be avoided. We are recalibrating, reforming, restructuring. The old structures are being dissolved, to make way for the new ones to be formed. This is our journey of awakening, and until we are able to fully hold the new frequencies that are here on the planet, we will continue to release and integrate. 
The whole system is adapting to be able to handle the new frequencies and that can be far from comfortable. All of this is outside of our comfort zone, and the sooner we can learn to be comfortable sitting in discomfort the easier our integration and awakening process will be
There is a point however, when we will get to the place where the frequency we hold within us is close enough to that of the planet and everything slows down. When we have restructured our whole system to be able to handle that of the new earth.

Here, life changes, we live our lives witnessing synchronicities as our natural way of living and being. There are few if any attachments to things, places or even people. Everything happens in the present moment. When we’re living in this frequency, the resources we need manifest for us, all around us as we need them. There is no need for conscious manifestation as whatever is needed simply appears. The same is true for knowledge, we just seem to know what is needed when it is needed and not a moment sooner, and it is often forgotten just as quickly, as soon as it is no longer of service. Love is our overriding emotion. Here we all live by love from love. If we are ever in a quandary one simple question will always give us the answer. That question is, what would love say?

Welcome to A New Way of Living