Welcome to The Awakening Series

Heart centred support for your journey,

Designed to support, inspire and empower you awakening

Brought here by Algernon Williams, author, teacher, healer transformational life coach and guide. Along with Anne Prichard, teacher, leader, workshop facilitator.

Together they share first-hand the realities, challenges and triumphs of moving from the struggle of living in the 3D world to the joy of life in a 5D existence.

Bridging the gap between The Spiritual world and our every day Physical Reality.

The Awakening Series is a 7-week online series based on The Seven Simple Shifts and designed to heighten your Awakening.

As we journey along this 7-week series together, your understanding of The Seven Simple shifts deepens. Our weekly online meetings, our tools, articles and support videos help you move your head-based information that you gathered from The Blueprint to a more heart felt deep understanding.

You start to see where and how you can apply the shifts in real life, as you move through your days. Our weekly homework focuses you on specific tasks and shifts which help you practice your new tools and responses in real time as triggers pop up day to day.

You then get a chance to come back to us, to ask questions, discuss how you felt, how things went right and what could have been better.

In a sense you get a do-over in the group if you so choose so that you can practice and integrate your new knowledge which is of benefit to the entire group as we learn from each other’s experiences.

You already have what it takes within you to connect with the universe and all the limitless choices that it and life has to offer. To manifest your new reality that is begging to be born into this new world at this time.

The shortfall we all face is the need to find the balance between heart and mind,our  male and female energies, being and doing. To find self-love and to let go of ALL the old habits to the point that we are able to truly believe this new paradigm into Being. 

The Awakening Series with completely original (higher dimensional) information will walk you through the essential steps to do just that, 

We will teach you to:

  • Uncover where you are still holding
  • Uncover your divine purpose
  • Love yourself above all else
  • Cherish the importance of choice in every moment
  • Discover how to Stop worrying about what others think
  • Celebrate life in every moment

And as a result You will gain:

  • Increased Multidimensionality
  • Increased creativity
  • Ease of manifestation
  • Expansiveness, timelessness and peace
  • Interconnectivity and love for all life

You will literally bend the grand illusion in your favour 

Creating the Life you Totally Love.

You have at your fingertips the ability of becoming the ultimate alchemists with the power to not only transform your life and manifest your most desired thoughts at lightning speed, but when those thoughts are aligned with LOVE you are now able to move into miraculous territory.

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