September energy update

From our human perspective August was probably one of the most if not the most intense months of the year so far. As the new energy flooded in it opened up avenues for self-healing, self-empowerment, and the chance to release so much of what no longer serves us. This clearing is vital as we continue to integrate these higher energy levels and bring in new clarity and wisdom forging the template of our new way of living.

During September we will be experiencing a more creative frequency that will help us liberate our creative essence. During August we experienced the fierceness of cleansing, releasing making room for the new. But now this new month we are going to create more balance that will culminate with the Equinox at the end of the month.

September is a month that if we allow, will help us find our openness, receptivity and trust. If we permit this, we will begin to experience more awareness of our infinite potential, the many possibilities that lie within all of us.  This energy will help us transcend our egoic self, our old habits and fears.

We are getting ever closer to the new year 2020 where we will truly at last start to build our new lives in the physical realm. So from now till the new year we have the opportunity to integrate this new energy, to recalibrate our very cells and DNA. To embody this new way of Being into our everyday lives as we build the pillars and framework of our new reality.

During this profound time many of us find ourselves experiencing a deep metamorphosis, in which our physical bodies are not just dissolving old energy and healing but also adjusting again and again to the new frequency that we are now learning to embody. This is a very important phase, especially as we enter September. So, be kind to yourself, take the time your body asks you to, sleep when you can, go for walks in nature, find time to connect with your soul as often as you can. It is vitally important that we look after our bodies, as the physical is the first to be affected by the powerful frequencies received.

As we strip away more and more of our old, and everything seems to trigger us, it is so important to remember the bigger picture. That we asked for this and it is all happening for us not to us. Stay away from judgment and blame, hold on to your highest consciousness as you choose and choose again to react from the heart and love instead of from the mind and fear.

Our job now as always is to hold as high a vibration as we can as often as we can. And as we enter this higher vibrational state that transcends our old, we will discover that our vibration is infectious. It spreads, and one by one, little by little we will build our new reality.

Welcome to A New Way of Living!