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Come Join a Monthly Meditation Group Where the energy is live & current and specifically channelled weekly for your integration into a brand new and empowered way of living.

These Weekly Meditations Help you to:

* Cultivate a new fearless lust for life

* Bravely go deeper in a way you’ve never been able to before

* Awaken, connect and fall irresistibly in love with your true self

* Bridge the gap between your divine knowing and your physical reality

* And, to do it with a group of likeminded people ready to engage and support real change

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Our Weekly ‘I am Love’  Meditations will Help!

As so many of you know and can feel the energies streaming onto the planet are accelerating at a quickening pace. These weekly meditations help us all keep up with these ever-changing frequencies as we adjust moment by moment moving both personally and collectively into the New.

These meditations are created to help you live from the heart and to see yourself as love and light. Our greatest challenge in life is self-love. To love ourselves above all else unconditionally remains a constant test for all of us. The thing is until we can love ourselves how can we really love anything or any one else?

These weekly meditations reminds us and empowers us do just that. To see ourselves as something more than our flesh and blood and to love ourselves no matter what  arises.

The energy delivered in each weeks meditation  is very different. That is why we have not just given you one recording to listen to over and over again. Keeping up with the rapidly changing energies that are flooding the planet at this time is key to living life with grace and ease. 

About Us

Our passion is helping people walk their awakening path
with grace, ease and empowerment.

Helping you create a life you totally love

Together Al & Anne

Al and Anne have come to their knowing through very different pathways; Al leaving society to retreat into the cave so to speak to find his truth, while Anne came to her realizations while fully immersed in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

This gives them a unique overview from both the spiritual and the day to day points of view, giving them an insightful and simple approach to our awakening and the ability to communicate deep truths to the everyday person.

We offer weekly



  • For better Sleep
  • To help you wake up
  • To help yo keep you Zen in the middle of a busy day
  • Activations to help integrate the new energies

But Why choose us?

Unlike other membership groups which offer you pre-recorded meditations, Our ‘I am Love’ weekly meditations are live, the energy is current and specifically channelled for your integration of the new emerging frequencies. 

In these ever changing and constanly accelarating new energy times we keep your vibration up to date.

Bringing you new levels of clarity, peace and self-love.

Our Crystal Sound

Many of our meditations incorporate crystal sound energies.

The crystal sound from the Crystal bowls, also called crystal singing bowls, are made from crystals that are crushed and heated to a very high temperature.

The crystal bowl can become a powerful tool because it is made from a living material – quartz crystal. We know that crystals have the ability to not only purify energy but also balance, amplify and transform it, which makes the crystal bowl a beautiful, potent, energetic, balancing and healing tool.

A crystal sound bath offers the participant the ability to completely release any stress or tension in the mind and body allowing one to relax, balance, and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

What people are Saying

Take a Sneak Peek

Snippets from an ‘I am Love’ Meditation (4 mins.)

How the Program Works?

The Meditation Membership Program is designed to deliver our original ‘I am Love’ meditations each week.  If you can’t make it, that’s ok! We upload all our meditations for you to listen to at your convenience! 

After signing up you’ll be given access to the meditation members dashboard where you will be able to:

  • Access all live meditations
  • Relax to past recordings at your convenience!
  • Enjoy all of our other meditations that are at your disposal
  • Plus have access to our Private Facebook group

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These days, Meditation Classes cost roughly $15 per class, so with many different meditations and activations here at your fingertips 24/7, if you only listen to 1 of any of our meditations (live or recorded) during the entire month you are already ahead!

All of our meditations are accessible on all devices

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