A New Way of Living 2018

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Level 3

A New Way of Living (Embodiment)

Level 3 is all about embodiment of all that we have learnt and integrated in levels 1 & 2.

In Level 1 we acquire knowledge as we learn what The Seven Simple Shifts are all about. In level 2 we begin to see how The Seven Simple Shifts work in our day to day life. We work with tools and strategies to integrate the concepts and ideas into our new belief systems, and to see how they can possibly be our new realities.

Now in Level 3 we make them our habits, our life style, our new way of living. Living this way calls for our full presence. It requires us to find new ways of being as we learn to live from our authentic selves. It takes consciousness and ongoing self-reflection as we are asked to make different choices in every moment. Level 3 brings a new way of living to life and you are supported every step of the way as we fully ground the essential practices for an awakened life!

Come join us 
As we live this New Way of Living

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