I choose it all

We sometimes believe that our goal for true lasting love is unconditional love, but that is a humanly hard ask. We all come from a place of unconditional love and there are many names for it, Source, Divine, God, Heaven. But here on Earth we are human beings and we are perfectly imperfect. Unconditional love literally means No Matter What. We all have our limits. We all have our breaking point. We all came from pure love to this planet to master love in all its messy forms, to discover how to do the messy stuff. To love in personal relationships, to master love at first sight, heart breaks and crazy love. To make mistakes and to learn from them and then to do it all again. That is the roller coaster ride of life. We are here to remember who we truly are as magnificent beings. To discover Heaven on Earth.

You can make love connections in many ways. Energetic harmony, sexual alchemy or intellectual alignment. However, you have found love, it will be hard to sustain it over a long period of time unless you find something that goes deeper. A thread that moves beyond the unpredictable, ever changing component of compatibility. What is required is a genuine fascination with someone’s inner world. It’s about how they see the world around them and the differences between your two worlds. The way they organize their reality, how they articulate their feelings. Endless love is where you look so deeply into that person that you can contemplate the bottomless depths of their being. To hear their soul, cry out to you over and over and to never lose interest in what it is trying to say. If you can accomplish this, then there will still be love when your bodies sicken, in the times when sexuality fades. When your projection of perfection that you had placed on your partner has long been shattered, when you find this love, you will love for an eternity.

When most people think of finding their true love soul mate, they believe it will be happy ever after, the perfect fit. But that’s not always the purpose of true love. The perfect partner is someone’s who is willing to be a mirror for you and you for them. They are the person who shows you everything that is holding you back from moving forward in your life. They are the person who brings you to your own attention so that you can see yourself better as you strive to grow. A relationship like this will not always be a bed of roses. Their job and yours is to tear down your defences and shake you till you awaken. To show you your obstacles and addictions, to break your heart open so that new light can flood in. Sometimes they can send you so out of control that your whole life rearranges.
All that being said they are also the person who knows you the best, often times better than you know yourself. They truly see you and love you for who you are. They want for nothing else but to love you and grow with you. They are the best lovers as they do not make love to your body but seek to touch your soul. They are your best friend and you know you can always trust them. Even when it may not go as you thought it would, if you have come to recognize the love that you have, then you will also come to know that whatever the outcome, it was exactly what your soul needed. I guess that is why they are called soul mates. Our soulmate is the one that makes life come to life.

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