As we sit in our self-isolated cocoons many of us are feeling a bit lost, anxious, disorientated, uncertain and without direction. Even a bit scared with an un-easy overwhelming anticipation of an unknown future.

The very nature of the cocoon itself is transformation, which is change at the highest level. The question becomes: How do you want to emerge from this cocoon?  Who do you want to be? How do you want to live, truly?  These ideas are worth pondering…
It is up to each of us to decide how we want to fulfill our destiny, and see ways to make the changes that are necessary for that to happen.

Is this you?

Do you feel stuck in your life, looking for something new but not sure what it is? Do you always seem to put others before yourself, struggling to make decisions that put yourself first? Do you find yourself feeling deeply sorry for yourself while hiding your jealousy of others as your guilty secret?

Imagine what it would feel like

when this is all over and you emerge from your chrysalis a changed person. Stepping into a completely different life.

You wake up in the morning in a state of gratitude knowing you matter, that you are worthy and loved.  You get dressed feeling good about the way you look. You go to work feeling powerful and confident. You relate to people in a way that is authentic and brings out their best.  You take risks and you boldly express yourself and your dreams. You no longer determine your behaviour or worth according to what other people may think of you.

Imagine that you have more kind things to say about yourself than mean. Your automatic go to is to always be compassionate and respectful of yourself. And you keep your arms wide open to receive all the abundance that is there for you, because you know you deserve it.

You navigate the world with your heart completely open and are not afraid to be hurt. And you go to sleep at night knowing that you are living a life that you’re fired up about, that you make a difference, and you love yourself just the way you are.  How will this impact you and your life?

Now, this may be close to the life you live now, and you’re just tweaks away. Or it might be so far from anything you’ve experienced, that you’re thinking…How can I ever get there?”

We invite you on a journey of self-discovery

We give you a proven process and a blueprint to develop profound self- love in your life. We’ll lay it all out in an organized and easy to follow step by step way, and we’ll walk you through every step. During our journey together  you’ll get teachings, live coaching, live Q&A sessions, audios, videos and specific tools, exercises and practices, to help lock it all in.

We created ‘The Power of Self-Love’ to be different than other programs. In this information rich time with immediate access to the internet we are overloaded with knowledge. There are a multidude of books, blogs, podcasts, etc all saying, “you just have to love yourself,” but they don’t actually tell you EXACTLY how to accomplish this illusive task. That is a complaint that we have often heard. So we designed this course to tackle the “HOW” in the most clear, simple, and effective way possible.

We’ve developed a comprehensive and proven step-by-step system. No fluffy concepts you can’t  put into practice. No inspiration without action. No “good luck, see ya later.”

And even though we know you’re perfectly smart and capable, we’ll hold your hand through EVERY SINGLE STEP and guide you through EXACTLY what to do

Self-First is not Selfish

Could this be the secret that has been hidden away from you and so many others?

The most powerful way you can live in the world is by truly loving yourself and then living your life from that place of love.

To help anyone else you must first be the most conscious and empowered you possible. Your light is your true gift, so to give, you must first shine. Through ‘The Seven Simple Shifts’ you learn to shine and as you start to truly love yourself, you can give the gift of your authentic self and that is the most precious gift you can give.

When your single most concern becomes “how can I be the Best ‘Me’ ”
You will start to feel brighter, lighter and more enlightened.

The path out of this old habitual pattern is to put self-first! Which is NOT selfish. It doesn’t mean: “I don’t love you anymore” or “I don’t care,” it simply means “I love myself first, so I have extra love to give.” We can’t give from a place of lack. We give our best from a place of wholeness and abundance.” If we keep giving from a place of depletion, eventually we will have nothing left.

Your Ultimate Outcome

By the end of our journey together you will have learnt The Seven Simple Shifts which are seven guided, empowering, personal, makeovers that help you to take back your power.

Together they teach you to access yourself in a whole new way. To put yourself first without being selfish so that you can really take care of your own needs.

You will have learnt Self-Love where you love yourself fully for who you intrinsically are. So that you can finally break out of your old self-limiting moulds, to pursue your dreams with vigour and excitement.

To be able to explore relationships from a standpoint of power and strength totally in control knowing who YOU are, what YOU want and what YOU value.

All of this ultimately empowering you to gracefully step forward in the world confident and powerful, being at peace with what ever presents in your life.

So how do I get started?

Welcome to

Have you been dissatisfied with the way your life is going but can’t seem to put your finger on it?

So many of us want something different from life. We want more. We want better.

But when asked what it is we really want? what is our perfect life? We really have no idea.

How can we get to our dream location when we don’t know where or what it is?


In Level-1 we help you answer that question

This first level is a short, powerful, 4 lesson, self-directed course where we help you to see with new eyes. It is an exploration of what is missing, helping you define what it is you truly want.

To awaken you to a greater possibility than you have ever imagined!

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to

In 4 simple lessons to discover and embrace seven empowering, personal life makeovers — the essential elements to living your best life — so that you can move forward with a strong sense of empowerment, clarity and confidence, and onto creating a life you totally love.

So what do you get in this course?


Create your perfect day:

This exercise will allow you to awaken your deepest dreams, to discover what it is you really want in your life. You will create your perfect day giving you a perfect picture of what your life could look like when it all falls into place. A life where you wake up each morning feeling fully alive and on purpose and go to bed each night feeling happy and fulfilled.

Your Monthly Check list

Learn one of the most valuable lessons we can learn; to only compare you to you. Too often we compare ourselves to everyone around us and more often than not we find ourselves lacking. The only person to compare ourselves with is us, this is the only way to truly see how much we have actually grown.

This tool will give you a simple process to ascertain where you are month to month so that you can subjectively see the amazing progress you will make as we journey together and onwards. Leaving you feeling more empowered and confident with every step forward you make.

Take the Self-First quiz

Find out where you are on your journey to self-love. This quiz will give you a snapshot view of where you are on your personal journey. It is not a definitive or quantitative answer but it will give you a place to start.

Getting to Know where you are in this moment is invaluable as this is the only way you can truly appreciate your progress. Knowing where you have come from is the only way to fully appreciate all your accomplishments and where you have reached on your journey.

Discover ‘The Seven Simple Shifts’:

A tried and tested, realistic working model for true and long-lasting personal transformation. Once you have discovered where you are in your journey, (your starting point). And have a better idea of who, what and where you want to be, (your destination). We show you how to bridge the gap, step by step. To create a life where you are deeply loved and fulfilled, outrageously happy, and have the confidence and mojo to create and receive all the miracles that life has to offer!

The regular investment for Level–1 is usually

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But here’s the crazy part, you can get it all back and more!

As part of your experience you are given hearts for participating

Each heart is worth $1 and is redeemable when you decide to move forward to Level 2.

You can accumilate up to 50 hearts for simply completing the course and another 50 for referring friends.

A possible $100 savings on level 2

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So, You have nothing to lose

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Level-1 Awakening your dream

Uncover your dreams and create your perfect day!

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About Al & Anne

Anne and I have been in the wellness business for over 50 years combined. We have created many courses and workshops including ‘33 Days to Happy’, ‘The Awakening Series’ and now ‘The Power of Self-Love’. We have an amazon best seller ‘A New Way of Living, create a life you totally love’ and have helped 100’s of people do just that; Free themselves from being stuck in their lives and empower them to find something new, a life filled with self-acceptance, self-love and purpose.

Together we have chosen to put our happiness first. To focus in every moment on how life feels, putting heart before reason. We live in a lovely small house, moments away from the ocean in a vibrant village community in New Zealand where we have created the perfect life for us.

Here, life is easy and simple. We still go to work but all the usual hassles that used to plague us have disappeared. We go for walks, shop locally and spend quality time together that is largely free of worry. Our old busy hustle and bustle life has become simple and serene. Our life feels relaxed and purposeful as we move through our days moment by moment allowing and in tune with whatever presents.

We are living our message as we’re living a Self-first life, which as we teach is not Selfish but Self-Love. And our mission is to help you do the same.

Anne’s Story

Now it’s up to you 

Simply gaining clarity around what you really want in your life and discovering the means to get there can be a powerful breakthrough moment for many people.

In this world full of shoulds, woulds and coulds you will be afforded the time to ask yourself, what do I really want?

Instead of going somewhere one day, we will empower you to create your perfect day today.

Come join us and create a life you totaly love

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Level-1 Awakening your dream

Uncover your dreams and create your perfect day!

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