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Welcome to A New Way of Livng and the ‘I am Love’ Meditations. Our focus is all about empowerment in this new energy and helping things move as smoothly as they can with the least amount of resistance, just as nature intended. 

In these Awakening times we offer a new way of viewing life so that we are more able to relax and flow through our day with grace and ease.

As the world wakes up from its slumber and we see the ever-increasing outer global chaos, our work is proving to be an ongoing vehicle for many to find inner calm moving into a new consciousness in the new 5d energy.

As you journey with us in a New Way of Living we will dive progresively deeper into our work. We are very passionate about helping people on their awakening path. Our work is helping YOU live a happier life. Living your life NOW – empowering you to experience a higher state of consciousness traditionally known as Enlightenment!

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We are truly a global family with members from across USA, the UK, Europe, Australia and  New Zealand.

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Here in The Tribe we hope to be a guiding light for you in these challenging times of global transformation. Our greatest desire is to assist you on your path. So, as well as our meditations we have brought together our finest material to help you on your awakening journey, all wrapped up in one convenient location.

We invite you to jump in and explore all that there is to discover. 

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