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To The Power of Self-Love

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An Introduction to The Power of Self-Love

This is a journey, a quest to find the illusive ‘Holy Grail’ which is and has always been Self-Love.

Everything we have for you is for you to start putting yourself centre stage in your world.

It is here in The Power of Self-Love that we take you on a journey to completely flip the old attitude of putting others before yourself and making you the star of your show. We show you first-hand how to discover the secret that has long been hidden from you and so many others.

This journey shows you how to walk entirely centred, entirely lovingly, entirely focussed on you, and the best thing of all is that this is, in fact how you actually are of best service to others.

All the old constraints and struggles fall away and an entirely new way of being, of living begins to emerge. We take you step by step and debunk the myths and habits of a lifetime and set you on a course that is empowering, exciting beyond belief, the ultimate in personal freedom and love. And ‘The Seven Simple Shifts’ take you there.

The Material in this first level is Totally FREE

It is specifically tailored to get you acquainted with us and our work. Its focus is to empower you to make an informed and heart felt decision as to wether you are ready to take the next step in your life and journey with us as we harness the beauty and power that is you. Helping you move from wherever you are now to a life where you think more often with your Heart and act from the wisdom of your Higher Self, all leading to a life of your choosing, a life you totally love.

Welcome to A New Way of Living

There are 4 Free downloads that will give you all you need to make the decision to join us on your quest for true Self-love, joy, happiness and A New Way of Living.

Are you ready for something new?

Accumulating Hearts

As you progress through this free level you are gifted hearts.

Each heart is worth $1 and is redeemable when you decide to move forward to Level 2.

There are 5 ways that you can be gifted hearts:

  • You got this one covered. By simply signing up for this level, which you have already done. (5 Hearts)
  • Hungry for knowledge. By reading, listening to, or watching any of these 4 Free giveaway lessons, 5 hearts each. (20 Hearts)
  • By Helping your friends.  Share the PDF ‘Your Journey to self-love’ with your friends. When they sign up as you did, both you and your friend will receive hearts as a thank you. 5 hearts for each referral. Maximum 7 referrals in this level  (35 Hearts)
  • Taking it all in. By completing all the steps in this level (5 Hearts)
  • Early bird gets the worm. And a special bonus if you do it all within 1 week (5 Hearts)

You can accululate a maximum of 70 Hearts, which would be a Titanic saving of $70 off Your Roadmap to Self Love!

Your Mission, should you choose to accept it,

is to:

  • Soak up all the free information you can.
  • Acquire new insights and perspectives to old worn out concepts.
  • Accumulate as many hearts as possible.
  • And finally to redeem your hearts for mega savings as you move forward

Here are Your  4 FREE Giveaways


1) Your Journey to Self-Love

The feeling of Self-Love, worthiness, is seeing the world through the eyes of our higher Self. It is not just the love of Self; it is loving, in its purest form.
Join us and discover the power of Self-Love.

3) Take the Self-first Quiz


Self-first is not Selfish It is Self-Love Self-Love is a phrase that is used over and over again. It is the answer to all of our problems. But what does…