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Create a Life You Totally Love


A course that is a realistic, do-able, accessible and a proven pathway to experiencing real personal love, giving yourself true personal self-care and living a life you totally love

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Shift Five – And Knowing that It Is Never About You

Just as ‘it’s all about you’
at the same time ‘it is never about you’.
How the people in your life perceive their world, in their reality, can never be about you.
Sometimes you just happen to be in front of them.
Their issues are never about you.

Shift six – Giving up all Attachment to Meaning and Truth

This is a hard one. We believe that what we hold dear to us is true and we forget that it can only be our perspective,
our own interpretation of any given situation,
and that the other person’s perspective is equally valid.
So, in the end we are left solely with what we choose to believe in this moment, rather than what is a truth for all to adhere to.
When we can make this shift, conflict is dissolved.

Shift Seven – Celebrating Everything, Accepting it All

As we awaken, the overwhelming feeling of love, and happiness can be found in a single act; Acceptance.
When we accept it all, the good, the bad and the ugly, we take a step towards no longer fighting the fight. And with that we enter an entirely new way of living.

What’s Next

There is so much more available to us, and no one is keeping it from us except ourselves, and the beliefs and fears we hold on to.