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Algernon Williams (Al)
Author, teacher, healer, guide, creator of  The Seven Simple Shifts,
Co-founder of A New Way of Living, creator and co-facilitator of The Awakening Series
Transformational in his content, inspiring and empowering in his message, Al offers new insight to the big questions. 

With over 3 decades working as a Transformation Life Coach, Karate Sensei, and healer, Canadian born, Algernon Williams has lived and worked in London, South America, The West Indies and New Zealand. He is a power house of experience and insight. Al dives right into the heart of the matter and looks at our commonly held attitudes towards work, family and relationships in this time of awakening. He offers a fresh view of life that challenges our habitual thinking empowering us to allow a new 5D template to emerge, to living free, fulfilled with purpose and passion.

What if we could have the life we want? What if we were able to change our reality ourselves? Can we really have a life we don’t need a vacation from? Yes, we can! 

The New Way of Living Tribe, offers a wealth of possibilities to create a new life in this new paradigm. 

Anne Prichard
Teacher, guide
Co-founder of A New Way of Living and Co-facilitator of The Awakening Series

Anne has devoted many years as a teacher and healer of our youngest ones. For the past 28 years Anne has worked as a kindergarten and primary teacher in London, Africa and in her home New Zealand, creating many programs that teach from the eyes of a child, helping and empowering them to hold on to their young wisdom in this new 5D energy.

She has travelled the world experiencing and loving the uniqueness and similarities we share as a human race, seeing humanity as one, coming away with an all accepting global outlook to life.

Anne has spent the last decade focusing on her own spiritual growth and awakening culminating here at A New Way of Living.

Together Al & Anne

Al and Anne have come to their knowing through very different pathways; Al leaving society to retreat into the cave so to speak to find his truth, while Anne came to her realizations while fully immersed in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

This gives them a unique overview from both the spiritual and the day to day points of view, giving them an insightful and simple approach to our awakening and the ability to communicate deep truths to the everyday person.

 Welcome to A New Way of Living