Diving Deeper into The Seven Simple Shifts

Helping you make this new way of living a reality in every day life


As we awaken and old realities are unravelled, it is important to understand that this journey of transitioning to an all new reality, a new way of living can be done consciously or unconsciously; which in turn dictates how we each experience our awakening journey.

We are now moving through space and experiencing huge increases in photonic light that work through our very core. Weaving through our being, both physical and energetic, seeking out any and all of our old habits and programs which have created our reality, and once uncovered, completely re-working them from within.

Our ego’s automatic response, which is our primal instinct for protection, is to try harder, to hold on tighter, to try to control more, to try to keep it all together. This in juxtaposition to our inner knowing that it is good and needed for all to be slipping away. The feeling that everything familliar could come crashing down or fall apart in any moment, is both wanted and terrifying at the same time. This is a necessary part of our process of awakening, because it is how our separated-ego dissolves, and opens the way for something new.

The confusion within us is that while we are waking up, we live in two separate worlds. We have two aspects living within us. The old ego aspect sworn to protect us at all costs and the new awakening aspect focused to let everything go to start anew.

It is impossible for the ego aspect to grasp how deep this journey of our souls awakening takes us, it is just too much of a leap.  So, what we get from this aspect of ourselves is, resistance, fight, struggle to hold on to its current realities. The ego aspect doesn’t want to hear that its whole reality is built on beliefs, emotions and programming, held together by fear, judgment, greed, victimhood, and duality – all the fabric of the old dying 3D / 4D matrix.

What our ‘ego reality’ wants to do is to fix everything. It focuses on the external world blaming and fixing, going around in circles. It allows the outside reality to dictate its actions, with little or no understanding that what it is seeing on the outside is simply a reflection or a creation of what is going on in the inside. That the so-called mess that it is trying to fix, was in fact created by the energy it housed by the worry, frustration and fear it felt about the perceived problem in the first place. And so, the cycle continues.

The Seven Simple Shifts help us to let go of the old structures, and as we dive deeper every month we will gain real life experience through examples, tools and excersises to help us all move with grace and ease along the awakening process.

The shifts help us to grow and learn to respect and allow these immense evolutionary processes that allow us all to leave the old. As we begin to grasp the great depths that these processes reach within us we begin to leave behind our bodies, our emotions, our mentalities, our fixed beliefs. Everything without exception must shift, change or go. If we allow our ego aspect to hang on to a reality that no longer exists, we experience disconnection or suffering of some kind.

As we shift our new reality manifests  with new colours, enhanced experiences and a life that is pure, based on love, respect, kindness and unity. These new attributes have been brought in and are now supported by the new constructs and programs of the new energy, the 5D matrix. Allowing us to live a life different from the old in every way. In this new energy lack no longer prevails and there is immense abundance, because our hearts have been opened and we live from a state of consciousness that is infinite and abundant.

It is not that we have to lose everything, we do not have to be poor and homeless, but we must give up all attachment to everything. Being abundant and having material possessions is not wrong, in fact as we awaken, abundance is one of the many gifts that we will experience. But the need for abundance or anything other than ourselves for our happiness is where we fall. When we fully awaken, we will know that everything that we need comes from us. We will be sovereign in every way, enjoying the company of others, giving freely without ever needing anything in return. We will know that we will always have what we need and want because we will always be dancing in the sea of pure conscious love.

The Evolution of the Consciousness of humanity is a huge process. This is where we are now. Where we each as individuals work out our own Matrix Programs. As we work individually, we also contribute to the collective to help resolve the bigger matrix of all of humanity. It is our job as individuals to awaken and release our own programming and as we do one by one we will hit the tipping point where  we will come to realize this entirely different Plasma Crystalline Matrix of New Earth, an entirely new networking system offering freedom, joy, peace, physical abundance, re-uniting us all on a Cosmic Level as Star-Light-Soul beings on Earth in physical form.

Come join us every month as we dive deeper into The Seven Simple Shifts.

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