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The popularity of meditation is increasing as more people discover its benefits. 

For many people, meditation has become a tool for managing many different areas in their life. For some, it helps to promote improved health, including a better quality of sleep and reducing stress and anxiety. For others, it helps them get a quick pick me up in the middle of the day. And for some it gives them that underlying sense of peace, and that feeling of contentment, a bridge between the spiritual and the physical. 

However, it can be hard to get into the habit of regular meditation, especially when it asks you sit in hard positions, breath in particular ways and chant mantras. I am not saying that any of those things are wrong, but I would say they are not essential. The art of meditation is one of stillness and introspection, which can be done in any position with any breath at any time.  Becoming still and looking inwards for a moment is all it takes.

The skill is to step back and see our thoughts more clearly, without getting caught up in all the mental commentary. We may never change our thoughts, but we can change our experience of those thoughts.

When we meditate, we’re cultivating an awareness of the present moment. We’re training the mind to better understand how and why we think and feel the way we do, with the aim of fundamentally transforming our experience, and perspective, of everyday life.

The Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of meditation are numerous as can be seen by googling the question on the internet. But the main gains can be summed up as:

Reduces Stress

Controls Anxiety

Promotes Self Love

Bridges your physical with your divine essence

Improves sleep

Promotes Emotional Health

Enhances Self-Awareness

Lengthens Attention Span

Generates Kindness

Helps control pain, both physical and emotional

Helps you find your True Self

Aids and Accelerates the Awakening Proces

Helps you live with Grace and Ease!

We Offer

'I am Love' Meditations


Meditationd for better sleep

Meditations to help you wake up

Activations to help with the new energies

And More!

Crystal Sound

Many of our meditations incorporate crystal sound energies.

The crystal sound from the Crystal bowls, also called crystal singing bowls, are made from crystals that are crushed and heated to a very high temperature. Most crystal singing bowls are made from quartz crystal (clear or frosted finish), but you can also find crystal bowls made from rose quartz, celestite, amethyst, and citrine.

The crystal bowl can become a powerful tool because it is made from a living material – quartz crystal. We know that crystals have the ability to not only purify energy but also balance, amplify and transform it, which makes the crystal bowl a beautiful, potent, energetic, balancing and healing tool.

A crystal sound bath offers the participant the ability to completely release any stress or tension in the mind and body allowing one to relax, balance, and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

If we accept that sound is vibration and that we ourselves are also energy bodies vibrating, then is stands to reason that a healing external vibration such as the crystal sound will touch every part of our being. We can then understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies. This is why sound has the ability to heal at all levels, deeply touching and transforming us on the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual planes.

‘I am Love’ Monthly Meditations

These meditations are created to help you live from the heart and to see yourself as love and light. I believe our greatest challenges in life is self-love. To love ourselves above all else unconditionally remains a constant test for all of us. The thing is until we can love ourselves how can we really love anything or any one else.

This weelky meditation reminds us and empowers us do just that. To see ourselves as something more than our flesh and blood and to love ourselves no matter what  arises.

Although the wording each week may be similar, the energy delivered in each meditation  is very different. That is why we have not just given you one recording to listen to over and over again. Keeping up with the rapidly changing energies that are flooding the planet  is key to living life with grace and ease. 

A Sample of our ‘I am Love’ Meditation

A meditation session occurs in 3 seamless stages.

  • We start with a guided meditation with the crystal bowls. Here you start to drift away to the soothing words and the sound of the voice.
  • The words then stop, and you go deeper as the crystal sound bathes you with its high vibrations taking you even deeper into the Zero-point field where all and everything is possible.
  • Finally the words come back to slowly and gently bring you back to the here and now while holding on to your new-found energy. 

So, get comfortable and allow the voice and the crystal sound energy to ease you into a deep, relaxing, dream like zero-point state of healing. 

How the Program Works?

The Meditation Membership Program is designed to deliver our original ‘I am Love’ meditations each week.  If you can’t make it, that’s ok! We upload all our meditations for you to listen to at your convenience! When you sign up you will create a membership username and password to give you access to a private portal for the Membership group. There, you will be invited to join a private Facebook Group.

After signing up you’ll be given access to the meditation members dashboard where you will be able to:

  • Access all live meditations
  • Relax to past recordings at your convenience!
  • Enjoy all of our other meditations that are at your disposal

What does this cost?

This is the best part! You only pay

These days, Meditation Classes cost roughly $15 per class, so with many different meditations and activations at your fingertips 24/7 your saving are quite substantial!

(eg. if you were to attend 3 out of the 4 live meditations in the month, and lets say in your own time twice a week you listen to a sleep, wake up, or activation, that’s only 8 other meditaions during the month. Your per class cost would be $363.)

That’s a saving of

Some people listen to the sleep meditation every night for a great, restful and rejuvenating sleep

Unlike other “free” or downloadable meditations, these ‘I am Love’ weekly meditations are live, the energy is current and specifically channelled for your integration of the new emerging frequencies, bringing you new levels of clarity, peace and self-love.

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