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Take some time for you

Get comfortable in any way that best suits you

  • Make sure you will not be disturbed
  • Be warm and cosy
  • You DO NOT NEED headphones, but they may help to drown out external noise
  • When you are ready simply click the blue play arrow below and enjoy
  • If you do not have time at the moment bookmark this page so that you can return later.

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  • There are our weekly ‘I am love’ meditations created to help you live from the heart and see yourself as love and light.
  • We have meditations to help you get a good night’s sleep, so important in keeping you balanced.
  • We offer activations to help with the ever-increasing energies that are elevating us and stretching us further than we ever thought possible.
  • Pick-me-ups for the mid-day low spots
  • More stimulating meditations to start your day and wake you up from your deeply relaxing sleep.
  • And meditations specifically designed to reduce the stress of our hectic daily lives

So, get comfortable choose what best suits you today and enjoy

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