The Shifts take you back to your essence.

The Seven Simple Shifts reconnect us back to the truth of what we’ve always been, the essence of what it is to be human.The Shifts are simply the common factors that feed our humanness, empowering us to take our own personal power and take control of our lives to create a life full of ease, joy, fulfilment, purpose, and happiness. They remind us of what we were before they told us who to be. They are both powerful and simple and they are guaranteed to take you straight to the heart of the matter. When we come to understand the seven simple shifts, life gets easier, it has more flow, it becomes a happier place to be. It really is a whole new way of living. 

The Shifts guide us to an everyday life that feels exciting, relaxed and free. 

You can simply make the shift. The power is within you to change your life. Real change is an inside job and to create the life you want you have to look within. It’s about a change in perspective and attitude. The Seven Simple Shifts are seven guided attitude adjustments that help you learn to do just that. They move us to love our self before all else. They teach us that we have choices in every moment of our life. To discover who we really are under all the masks that we wear. These shifts help us to find ways to stand in our own power not being swayed by the world around us. Not being bogged down by the shoulds and should nots of our society. They entice us to realize that life is a celebration and that life can be celebrated in every moment.

The Shifts dive deep with ease and simplicity.

Big ‘problems’ do not require big sized solutions. We all tend to look outside of ourselves for change. We look to counsellors for help, we go to therapists for healing, we follow gurus for enlightenment and we look to our friends to join us in our problems. We look for people to fix us. We can spend months and years on the same problem with nothing really changing for us, as we continually look to the outside for solutions. We move from job to job, relationship to relationship and from location to location hoping for something different. But if we are honest we find ourselves in the same situations just with a different guise. And when we believe we have done everything in our power we blame those people, places and circumstances around us. Nevertheless, we make change after change after change to the world outside of ourselves, with no lasting success. Until we come to terms with what is going on in the inside nothing can actually change. The Seven Simple Shifts are your personal GPS, guiding you to be the authentic you. The beauty of this process is that any problem, big or small can be addressed and shifted without years of pain and suffering over buried emotional turmoil.

The Shifts navigate us into a new consciousness, a new time.

The power of these Seven Simple Shifts comes from the integration of these changes into our daily lives. They beg us to look deeper within ourselves and our world around us. We return to them repeatedly for them to be lived at a deeper and deeper level. As a humanity many of us are starting to desire a way of life that feels different. We are waking up to a new dawn in this new consciousness, in this new energy. We are starting to want to spend our days doing things that really excite us. We are wanting to feel relaxed in our day instead of working at a crazy pace being controlled by early alarms, long commutes and even longer working days. We organize our daily life around our long days at work, desperately trying to fit in small bits of life in the evenings and trying to not feel exhausted in our weekends. And when all that is done we do it all again. We are no longer that satisfied with all the distractions that have traditionally helped us along. The crutches we have always relied on, no longer hold their appeal. We have had a long list of 'helpers' to keep us sane in this treadmill of a ride. Beers at the pub, bottle of wine at home, coffee to wake up, stay up and keep going, TV because we're too tired to do anything else, too much time on social media keeping us distracted from ourselves.

Our conciousness is awakening and the Shifts light up the way forward.

The world is changing and we are starting to awaken to a feeling that we want something more. Our consciousness is awakening, and as we let go of our crutches we have nowhere else to turn but inwards. Turning inwards however, can at times be confronting and doing it alone is a lonely path. The energy of the planet and the raising of our consciousness is something that is in motion, it is happening, and it is moving at a fast pace. We can all feel the pull at some level. For some it is stronger than others. For some it is simply an increasing dissatisfaction about their life and the world around them. For others their lives have been turned upside down as things seem to be going crazy while the world moves into chaos.

The Shifts connect our divinity and earthly realms.

There are many people who are looking inwards as the chaos of the world increases. As the planets consciousness rises and we become more socially aware, economically aware, more environmentally aware, we are also being pushed gently towards becoming more personally aware. On a physical and spiritual level. The earthly and heavenly realms within us are wanting to combine, to commune. We no longer want to be distracted from ourselves. We are finding a peace amongst the chaos. We are living in an entirely different way and with that are finding a utopia so to speak right here amongst the muck.This is the new way of living.

The Shifts are your personal guided teachings.

The seven simple shifts are a truly transformative path, a simple path, a guided path. They are the ultimate self-empowerment tool. They are inspired by the cosmic realm, given to us to be used in the earthly realm. They are the perfect tool to find your heaven here on earth. They are the ultimate awakening tool for you to find your utopia in your daily life. They teach us how to live here and now, in the everyday hum-drum of life that feels exceptional, that feels exciting beyond measure, and that promises a relaxed feeling that is absolutely the ulitmate freedom. Life wasn't meant to be Stress-Struggle-Sacrifice-Repeat. It was meant to feel exciting, relaxed and free. Everyday. 

Welcome to A New Way of Living!

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