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This practical, empowering and loving book is based on The Seven Simple Shifts and was created to help you in your spiritual awakening journey. These shifts are universal knowledge which come from the esoteric realms and have been brought to life here by Algernon Williams. They empower you to seize your best life by showing you how to shift your energy and transform your thinking about family, money, relationships, abundance, and the power you have within you to control your own life.

It inspires you to transcend the chaos and live a life of purpose in the present moment where great empowerment and life changing transformation occurs. We are continually looking for solutions ‘out there’ and we forget that we have all the magnificent resources and tools inside ourselves to catapult ourselves into an entirely new way of living by simply tapping into our own abundant source of energy.

For any of you who are just waking up or are in throws of your awakening or feel like you are on the verge of something different and new, ‘A New Way of Living’ is an invaluable resource for you to create a life you totally love.


Dear reader, my hope is that this book offers you comfort where you need it, solace from the busyness of awakening and guidance and insight as you seek out your own path of awakening. It may be that you read it from cover to cover but it also offers you easily digestible sections that you can return to time and time again. And in the divine way, whatever page you find yourself on is exactly the message you need in the moment. Life is wonderful like that. There are messages everywhere, every day if we care to see.

Algernon Williams

Be the Light


 - Anne

This is a book that I found hard to put down and I found myself returning to different sections to read again and again. The messages and teachings in this book were quite refreshing in the world of awakeing and the spiritual path because it cut through all the jargon and spiritual 'woo woo' so to speak and took me on a journey at a very deep energetic level. For me there was magic in this book and a healing in the simple act of just reading it. This book answered so many questions and offered guidance and answers to some of the deepest spiritual questions. It was such a practical read but at the same time some of the wisest mastery words I have read. The book talked about universal knowledge and tapping into our own wisdom and this book did make me feel empowered, supported and loved. Perhaps a strange thing to get from a book but actually the energy of the book took me to a whole new level. One of the best self help spiritual books I've read. Wholly recommend.

 - Laura Nelson

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this book-truly powerful and succinct. My challenge is self love and you offer interesting tools to developing mindfulness and the awareness that my self chats may not be leading me to desired destinations. With your seven shifts there is a real clarity and doability that I resonated with, very much appreciated. Highly recommended.

 - Jana

This bok deserves to be handy, on the table, not to be put on the book shelf and forgotten. It has a fresh approach to guide us through challenges of every day. I would like to get the inspiration from the book quite often as the day goes on. It is written in direct, easy to understand language, with practical, empowering advice how to make the right choices on our path to awakening. It is very helpful in transforming our thoughts into observer and trusting the awakening process.

 - Janine

This book was so inspiring to read, I loved the way it was set out and found that it was easy to follow and refer back to. The ideas/teachings contained in it were known to me, but were presented in a fresh and inspiring way which put me back on my path just when I needed it most. I recommend the book if you are new to these ideas, or if you need a gentle nudge back to the truth.

The Perfect Place to Start

This book is the ideal first step or entry point into our work. It outlines The Seven Simple Shifts in a way that is easily digestible. It allows you to comprehend the concepts and look at life’s issues in a new light. It stands alone as a source of knowledge and insight but also works as a perfect foundation for us to build on with our other works. Our teachings, courses and workshops all have The Seven Simple Shifts as their corner stone, making this simple read the perfect place to start.

Kindle e-book $9.99 US / Paperback $13.99 US

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