Work has begun to get easier, and life has begun to get easier. The trivial things that would have bothered me before have become just that, and no longer have any effect on my life as I know it now.


Whether consciously or unconsciously, many people are frustrated with their lives and have a real desire to find something different.

Big ‘problems’ do not require big sized solutions. We all tend to look outside of ourselves for change. We look to counsellors for help, we go to therapists for healing, we follow gurus for enlightenment and we look to our friends to join us in our problems. We look for people to fix us. We can spend months and years on the same problem with nothing really changing for us, as we continually look to the outside for solutions. 

We move from job to job, relationship to relationship and from location to location hoping for something different. But if we are honest we find ourselves in the same situations just with a different guise. And when we believe we have done everything in our power we blame those people, places and circumstances around us. Nevertheless, we make change after change after change to the world outside of ourselves, with no lasting success. Until we come to terms with what is going on in the inside nothing can actually change. 

The Seven Simple Shifts are your personal GPS, guiding you to be the authentic you. The beauty of this process is that any problem, big or small can be addressed and shifted without years of pain and suffering over buried emotional turmoil.

The Seven Simple Shifts

The Shifts take you back to your essence.

The Seven Simple Shifts reconnect us back to the truth of what we’ve always been, the essence of what it is to be human.The Shifts are simply the common factors that feed our humanness, empowering us to take our own personal power and take control of our lives to create a life full of ease, joy, fulfilment, purpose, and happiness. They remind us of what we were before they told us who to be. They are both powerful and simple and they are guaranteed to take you straight to the heart of the matter. When we come to understand the seven simple shifts, life gets easier, it has more flow, it becomes a happier place to be. It really is a whole new way of living. ...

The result

As we work through these Seven Simple Sifts they help us to wake up, to live from a higher consciousness, from an expanded point of view. They point out where all is not aligned with us and they offer us the choice to choose. We are given the choice to move into a fully conscious, magnificent, beautiful, abundant, loving, compassionate, harmonic, and joyful experience. Or to remain in one of duality, stress, suffering, sacrifice, harshness, lack, and every other unconscious program that we may still choose to believe in.

This course will give you the gift of choice and the understanding, tools, and means to act on the new choices you make. So that you can not only appreciate what you have chosen, but become your new choices, as they become your new reality, your new YOU.

Welcome to a new way of living

Al is an amazing transformational life coach, he has brilliant insight and his message is both inspiring and empowering. I have had the privilege to partake in his Awakening Series Workshop as well as had one on one bodywork and healing sessions with Al. Thank you Al you have helped me so much on my journey and I look forward to ongoing work with you in the future - I can highly recommend Algernon!

Britta (New Zealand)

A Path to Your Awakening

Where we start

When we start, we are often attached to our stories, our things, other / better "times" we give our power away, by way of excuses, victimhood and blame from a space of being disconnected inside. We feel separated, lost, out of control and disempowered. We run around stressed, busy with no time for ourselves

A New Way of Living

There is never an end to our awkening as by nature we are ever growing and ever expanding. However, there is certainly a place where things have changed enough that we start living in an entirely different way. This is when we feel free, pure and can hold love, kindness, caring, respect and self-responsibility on an energetic Level. When we can not only hold the idea of those things or even feel them but when we can act and respond from that place of pure love and kindness on a regular daily basis. When we can do that our life is calm, relaxed, stress free. We live with purpose but are not rushed or driven, we are empowered and have a peace of mind that allows us to follow our joy in every moment. This is an awakened life.

Jumping in with both feet

Starting our journey to awakening is like jumping off a diving board into a pool. 

Sometimes we close our eyes and jump bum first. We get there but we don’t really know how, and it certainly isn’t graceful, and we usually make a big splash

Other times we are pushed fighting and screaming, tumbling into the water. That one isn’t graceful or pretty.

And there are times we make a conscious decision, we prepare, jump in the air and perform a graceful effortless dive into the pristine waters below. In this dive we Love every moment of our decent until we finally enter the water with grace and ease.

This is what A Path to Your Awakening is all about. If you are looking at this, the odds are that you have jumped off the diving board or are just about to. We are here to help you make conscious choices, to understand who it is you really are, to help you restore self-love and to give you the tools to live an empowered life regardless of what is happening around you. We are here to help you live a life you don’t need a vacation from.

Welcome to a new way of living

Dear Al, You are one of my dearest mentors and were instrumental in helping me to leap into another level of my spiritual development. With your infinite kindness and caring you were there for me during a very difficult period in my life and I am forever grateful.

Nicole (CANADA)

Exceptional life coach, body worker and healer. Words cannot express how grateful I am for Al’s assistance in my life’s journey. Absolutely recommend!!


What you get in this workshop

Our Definitions

How we define our world around us plays an enormous part in how we see our world and so how we experience it and life itself. Sometimes simply by shifting how we define something allows us to see it from a different vantage point and as if by magic our entire outlook changes alleviating problems and conflicts that we may have had for years.

You Can’t Have Change Without Change / Why is change so hard?

“I really hate my job!”       “Why don’t you look for a new one?”    “Oh, I couldn’t do that!”

This pattern is so common; I’ve seen it so many times in my practice. Our desire for a different life and our fear of change pull us in different directions. The result is suffering and the tendency to live from habit.

The Magic Moment

Each moment is an opportunity to be seized. Each moment is a doorway to a brand-new perspective. When we take the time between any stimulus and our response to that stimulus, we create a magic moment. It is in this moment that we can make choices. It is in this moment that our power and ability to shift our life resides.

The Language of the Universe

All too often we say our mantras, our affirmations, we talk in positive ways, and speak words of kindness while on the inside we are hurting, angry or sad. There is validity to faking it till you make it as we must start at some point on the road to a more positive outlook. But it is also very important to realize that the universe doesn’t speak English or any of our human languages, it speaks vibration / frequency. And we transmit our frequency not from what we say but from what we feel, how we vibrate.

Understanding Our Vibration

Our vibration is really just our level of consciousness. Very much like the floors of a building, each higher level offers us greater views than the one below, providing an ever-increasing perspective. In this way as we raise our vibration our choices can become inspired rather than reactive. As our vibration expands, so does our perception of life, we become more aware of how each moment fits into the bigger picture.

An Introduction to The Seven Simple Shifts

The seven simple shifts are a truly transformative path, a simple path, a guided path. They are the ultimate self-empowerment tool. They are inspired by the cosmic realm, given to us to be used in the earthly realm. They are the perfect tool to find your heaven here on earth. 

They are the ultimate awakening tool for you to find your utopia in your daily life. They teach us how to live here and now, in the everyday hum-drum of life in a way that feels exceptional, that feels exciting beyond measure, and that promises a relaxed feeling that is absolutely the ulitmate freedom. 

Life wasn't meant to be Stress-Struggle-Sacrifice-Repeat. It was meant to feel exciting, relaxed and free. Everyday. 

We end our time with a Frequency Resonance Crystal Sound Meditaion

We start with a crystal sound and a meditation / activation, which will last for about 30 mins

Once the energy is set and we are floating in a sea of calm, the bowls will stop, and I will start a group Frequency Resonance treatment on all present. Taking us into the zero-point field where all is possible.

Here you will be activated on a multi-dimensional level, this is not linear, it is quantum. It goes directly to your old programming on a subconscious level, to the cells in your body where that information is stored. To the core of your divine essence where it assists you to recharge, recode and recalibrate.

The entire session will last between 45 minutes and an hour
This combination will allow you not only to relax and de-stress but also to see your own limitations, mental and emotional chatter, energy restrictions and perceived blocks, and then helps you to release them. You will come away refreshed and revitalized ready to start anew.


You get our Level 1 e-course 

The Blueprint

Currently being offered for $111 US

What you get in the Blueprint e-course:

8 Modules

Each module focuses on one of The Seven Simple Shifts, plus a module to help integrate them into your life


20 plus teachings by Al & Anne that take you to the heart of the shifts, giving you a better understanding of yourself, your relationships both personal and professional and your purpose in life.

Educational Videos

Access to educational videos from Al & Anne, 

A New Awakening e-book pdf

A metaphysical approach to life - concepts, definitions and solutions. by Al Williams 

I am really grateful to Al for his life coaching sessions. Every time I leave a session, I feel strong and capable. He is warm, supportive, wise and has a great ability to empower people. I am constantly moving forward, growing, and living my life more fully from the heart.

Clare (New Zealand)

The information in our workshop and the Blueprint is a new way of seeing the world around you. It will help you recognise where you are and then give you options to respond to life differently. It guides you to shift your focus from the outside world where we judge, blame and react to the chaos that surrounds us. Instead it turns our gaze inward to our inner world where we find a new way of living.

So, we ask you, Are You Ready?

  • Are you ready to finally get to the other side of your healing and awakening journey?

  • Are you ready for true relief?

  • Are you ready for more incredible outcomes and for your life to flow easily and effortlessly?

  • Are you ready for the next exciting chapter in your life?

  • If so, then you are ready to live ‘A New Way of Living’.

It's time to Invest in You! 

It's time to start Your New Way of Living

You get the afternoon workshop 

The frequency resonance crystal bowl meditation

Plus The Blue print (Valued at $111 US)

All for only 

$90 NZ

Call Al Williams 027 502 9253
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