An Introduction to The Blueprint

The Blueprint is all about knowledge

It is the first step in your guided journey to your awakening

As humans we have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. The drive to figure things out is the place where our egos usually want to start. Show me the proof, is the cry as we look at something new.
So this is where we start.

There are 8 modules or pages in The Blueprint, they are located along the menu bar at the top. Each page contains teachings to help understand and get your head around each shift. At the end of The Blueprint you will have the opportunity to discover how to integrate this knowledge into your daily life.

In this introduction we will give you a chance to experience the e-course before you join us. You will sample some written teachings, video excerpts and audio, all of which make up the fabric of The blueprint.

Let’s get started

As we start our journey together, it is important to acknowledge that we are all at different stages of our individual journeys. Some may have been on their path for many years while others may have just begun. Wherever we are, it is good to remember that our paths are not linear but spiralling, bringing us back to what seems like the same issues again and again at deeper and deeper levels. The importance of this is that as concepts and ideas are brought forward it pays to try to keep an open mind. Yes, you may have heard them before, yes you may have made conclusions about certain topics but maybe look again and see from a new perspective what it says to you. Every moment is different and holds a new possibility,  we only have to be open enough to see and grab it.

I invite you to see and grab all that is here for you at which ever level resonates with you. There is no right or wrong way to get this. If it fits in this moment it is for you, if it doesn’t then it is not for you now, it may be at a later date. So, dive in, you can work through the material at your own pace coming back to any bits you want to return to.

An introduction from Al

An excerpt from the Awakening Series  (11 minutes)

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The stages of our awakening  / The dimensions

As we move through our journey of awakening it helps us to label and measure our progress. Although in reality the journey is not linear, these linear demarcations help us wrap our heads around an infinite and quantum concept with our finite and linear brains, especially at the start.  

To do so we have divided the journey into 3 stages or dimensions, the 3rd to the 5th dimensions. These dimensions are simply the level of consciousness we are acting from or another way to look at it, the rules of the game we are playing at each stage.

Although we clearly define and separate these dimensions what we find is that we are constantly moving between all three of them depending on what presents and how we react / respond to our triggers.

Being aware of the dimensions does however, help us to better be able to see where we are at any given moment, to help bring consciousness to our reactions so that we can consciously respond in a more awakened manner.

Here is a simplified breakdown of the 3rd to the 5th dimensions

3rd Dimension

·        We perceive ourselves as separate
·        We judge others and ourselves
·        We look for answers outside of ourselves
·        We compete with others as we believe resources are limited
·        Life is characterized by polar opposites
·        Labels define us

4th Dimension

·        We can see that things are not right
·        We become angry and frustrated at the world around us
·        Comparison and judgment still exist but with spiritual themes
·        We now begin the pursuit of understanding and knowledge
·        We become weary of the systems and people in power over us
·        We go through most of our clearing as we are triggered over and over to bring up all that must be released from our cellular memory.

5th Dimension

·        We begin to live as one. living in the now moment
·        Judgments begin to fade away
·        There is no darkness as we understand all is only a reflection of what we hold inside
·        We no longer try to change the world but focus on healing ourselve
·        All labels fall away
·        We realize and truly begin to believe that we hold the power to create whatever we want

         We start to feel compassion and understanding for those around us no matter what they are doing

The dimensions

Taken from The Awakening Series

So where are you in your awakening?

As you read this I want to remind you again that it is so important to recognize, that no one is better or worse, or further advanced or lagging behind. We are simply at different stages energetically and that we are all in fact part of a bigger organism. And everyone is important and has an individual task in the overall system. Here those in the 1st stage are the ones who started their journey earlier and so may be further ahead.  You can also see how these waves  corollate closeley to the dimensions.

The 3rd stage

• The 3rd stage have been triggered into their awakening process by all the chaos happening on the planet right now.

• They have the feeling that something is very wrong here, and there must be a different way to live.

• The members of this stage still have a hard time accepting their inner soul calling.

• They are still trying to talk themselves into “No, everything is great, and I should be happy with what I have.”

• They feel inspired, annoyed and stuck all at the same time, as they desperately try to hold on to their old familiar life, not wanting to move out of their comfort zones. And yet, they somehow know, deep down inside that they are lying to themselves, and that this is not the life they want.

• They are often triggered resulting in anger, frustration, and disappointment with self and others.

• They tend to suppress their feelings as they fear change, which they believe is always hard.

• They have a need to control the outcome of all interactions.

• But their soul keeps pushing, giving them moments of being in the heart, getting fleeting glimpses of what living a heart-centred life truly means, and how beautiful it feels to be completely in the moment and in the flow.

The 2nd stage

• This awakening stage is now truly getting to the core of their fear. They are triggered and people push their buttons, until they truly surrender to let go. The release is no fun, and must be done in ‘waves’, because letting it go all at once would be too much for the system to deal with. So, although it seems relentless, this is the sign that you are indeed reaching the core and are almost done with cleansing the emotional body. Death wish is quite common in this wave, as the feeling that we don’t belong is strong. It is here that we are straggling both worlds.

• People in the 2nd stage still tend to drop back into the human perspective and into victim consciousness, trying to figure out what is going on with their mind.

• There is still mistrust in the process, and a strong need to control things to reach a certain outcome.

• Members of this stage can still feel very drained by other people, especially when they work as coaches and/or therapists, as they are being unconsciously triggered by client’s issues that still resonate unresolved parts within themselves that are related to their own fears

• They still tend to get caught up in the drama occurring on this planet. Wars, political events, stock market developments etc. are still causing worries, anxieties and fears.

• They often fall back into the pattern of trying to solve things on the outside, forgetting in those moments, that the only way to change things in to go within and change oneself.

• This stage is permanently switching between 3D, 4D and 5D frequencies, as they are mentally and emotionally not able yet to fully anchor in 5D.

• They are switching between heart and mind, resulting in intense bliss waves followed by deep lows.

• All of this is part of the balancing of masculine and feminine energies within.

The 1st stage

• Here you spend most of your time in the 5th dimension. You mostly feel compassion for the world around you. You passively remember how the pain once felt but cannot actively recall it anymore. You can no longer suffer with people.

• This 1st stage have completely left the old 3D timeline and are no longer able to relate to any of the drama and chaos going on in the 3D reality. It’s like a radio station that you are too far away from and can no longer tune into.

• In this first stage they are living completely in the now and are experiencing a heart centred, and heart led life.

• They have logged out of the system as far as possible, not having any obligations or dependencies. The mind’s only function now is to set intentions, to be the creator.

• The feminine and masculine energies are well balanced now within the individuals of this ascension stage.

• Many in this stage still have to deal with the physical balancing, most of the time without having a divine partner around. On a physical level, this can still cause a feeling of loneliness, as most of the counterparts are still part of the 2nd and sometimes even 3rd stage.

• This stage still experience clearing, but it feels different. It is easier, it is cellular.

• Deep grief, anger, disappointment are expressed for the last time. The last stage of this release happens in the physical body which can be released in a multitude of ways.

• This can take several rounds and will result in a healthy, selfsustainable and well-balanced physical body, aligned with and in perfect harmony with all other energetic bodies.

• The first stage manages to stay calm, embracing and accepting what is, with the deep knowing that all is well. In between the physical releases, they are well-balanced, and the extremes of the emotional rollercoaster are not experienced anymore.

• They have let go of any need of control, knowing that they are fully supported and are fully trusting of the flow of the universe.

So How do we get There? The Seven Simple Shifts

From the Awakening Series

A smile, a hug, or simply being in a good mood regardless of whether you make contact with anyone around you will spread more happiness than all the riches in the world. When we cultivate the habit of love, hope and gratitude the world shines around us.
Algernon Williams

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