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If you’ve got to this page you must have enjoyed the meditation. If you have not tried it, I suggest you go back to the ‘try it out’ page and see for yourself.

What you get in the membership group

The 'I am Love' Weekly meditations

These meditations are created to help you live from the heart and to see yourself as love and light. One of our greatest challenges in life, if not the greatest, is self-love. To love ourselves above all else unconditionally remains a constant test for all of us. The thing is until we can love ourselves how can we really love anything or any one else.

These weekly meditations remind us and help us do just that. To see ourselves as something more than our flesh and blood and to love ourselves what ever arises.

Although the wording is similar each week the energy delivered is very different, that is why we have not just given you one recording to listen to over and over again. Keeping up with all the rapidly changing energies available to us is key to living life with grace and ease, even through the muck that may surround us.

We record the meditations during our weekly live sessions where ever we may be in the world.

Becoming a member gives you access to each week’s meditation as well as the ability to go back and enjoy your favourite past meditations stored in the archives.

"I loved the meditation. Was very powerful and uplifting. Took the pain away in my knee which is a constant so I feel awesome."


A good night's sleep meditation

A good relaxing, rejuvenating night’s sleep has more to do with the quality of your time asleep rather than the quantity of hours lying in bed. A sleep meditation can help create the inner environment needed for a truly restful night. When we settle our minds, we are more able to rest our bodies, and that restfulness is what makes it easier to wind down, turn off, and drift away.

Meditation teaches us to be less in our head and more aware of the present moment. We all tend to get caught up in our thoughts and this is perhaps strongest at bedtime, when we suddenly stop rushing around and become still.

Doing a specific, guided meditation for sleep is a natural sleep aid, allowing us to let go of the day, everything that’s happened and everything that’s been said, so that we can rest our minds while simultaneously resting our bodies.

Light Encoded Energy Activations

A simple way to access higher energies

Raising our energy to keep up with the planet and our energy grids can be an arduous task. Many of you would be familiar with the long list of ascension symptoms. Many of which we all have felt at one time or another.

Receiving an energy activation, allows us to more easily access those energies, it helps us change our very energetic nature allowing us to feel and embody these new energies in a fraction of the time, thereby greatly accelerating our energetic and spiritual development.

Hearing a Light Encoded activation is a reminder of what we already know, what we hold inside, it activates our own higher consciousness. The information and knowledge that you hear is held within each one of us and is waiting to be released. These activations are an opportunity for all who are truly ready to embrace their own expanded experience of pure love, honest, respectful, and gracious living, that emanate from a deep profound sense of peace and love from within.

"I have tried it out and it is really good, I like the start where you help us get in touch with each part of our bodies, I also love the "Everything Vibrates at the speed of Love" - that really resonated with me. I found it very effective, and it’s great being at home, not having to travel."


Mid-day pick me up

Go from foggy to focused

Before heading to the vending machine for a mid-day pick me up, try an all-natural, zero-calorie option. This energizing meditation is the perfect remedy for workday sluggishness, waking up your body, refreshing your brain, and shifting you from foggy to focused. It is very short and will take you quickly into a restful state to rejuvenate your brain, not leaving you there long enough to get to dozy before bringing you back full of energy ready to thrive for the rest of your day.

Morning wake up!

Give yourself a great, bright start to your day

This guided morning meditation was designed to help you get up and go.

Starting your day with a meditation not only wakes you up, but also, when you start the day having immersed yourself in the energy of the meditation, you feel free. It brightens your outlook on the world. You feel empowered knowing you can handle everything life throws in your path.

you will also be more productive. If you start your day cultivating a mood of calm, confidence, and focus, it’s amazing how that can help you stay on point all day long.

"Hi there - it's ‘H’ here! Lovely healing as always last night, ‘

G’ really loved the session and wants to come back with me next Monday! Yay!

‘G’ said he felt amazing energy move inside and felt amazing! So relaxing and calming...

a perfect Monday evening out for us together! x"

De-Stresser Meditations

This is your instant stress buster

These De-Stresser meditations are very simple and effective and leave you in a beautiful state of relaxation. They are an ideal way to quickly relieve any tension or stress you may be having in the moment.

Unlike the weekly 'I am Love ' meditation which I believe is the ultimate stress buster. This De-Stresser is a short meditation to help you when you feel stuck. It is a powerful 10-minute meditation designed to quickly re-set your mind and help bring you back to a place of ease.

It is great to use before a meeting or presentation or simply when things just get a bit too much to handle.

“It is a map to your own heart, to your own sovereign self. It’s like a good book that you keep going back to. It is a resource that you can keep and go deeper and deeper into as your understanding expands and you begin to transform your life, one moment at a time.”


What does it cost?

The general cost of a meditation class out there varies greatly ranging from a low $10 to a crazy $69 per class more if it is in the luxury of your own home. The average class however, is around the $15 mark.

To become a member will only cost you

$33 per month

which is only $8.25 a week

for as many meditations as you like, not just for you but for your whole family!

Where ever and whenever you want them

No more rushing to get to a class on time

you will never miss out again as you can access them any time you choose.

Our membership is billed monthly, and you can cancel at any time.

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