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The Seven Simple Shifts 

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It's time for change

When we put all these elements together and apply them on a regular basis change happens. The world is changing and we are starting to awaken to a feeling that we want something more. Our consciousness is awakening, and as we let go of our crutches we have nowhere else to turn but inwards. Turning inwards however, can at times be confronting and doing it alone is a lonely path. The energy of the planet and the raising of our consciousness is something that is in motion, it is happening, and it is moving like a Tsunami at a fast pace. We now have a choice, do we ride the wave or get tumbled by it? It is up to you to decide.

Awaken to a new way of living 
where you don’t need to vacate your life to feel 
Free, Happy and Relaxed

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The New Way of Living Tribe is the ultimate in helping you move through your awakening with grace and ease

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Live teachings with Al & Anne

Monthly live online sessions

Join us on our monthly members-only online video session and get your questions answered to help get you unstuck and to remove your biggest obstacles.‚Äč We also dive deeper into a shift each month, as we move continually to higher levels of consciousness.

The knowledge

Our paperback book

'A New Way of Living' Delivered to your door.

Many of you may have read the e-book already but it a great accet to have at hand to open when ever you feel the urge.

"This book deserves to be handy, on the table, not to be put on the book shelf and forgotten. It has a fresh approach to guide us through challenges of every day. I would like to get the inspiration from the book quite often as the day goes on. It is written in direct, easy to understand language, with practical, empowering advice how to make the right choices on our path to awakening. It is very helpful in transforming our thoughts into observer and trusting the awakening process."     Jana

The Blueprint 

All eight modules for you to access at your leasure.

The perfect tool to obtain all the knowledge needed to understand the theory of The Seven Simple shifts. There are 8 modules or pages in The Blueprint. Each page contains teachings to help understand and get your head around each shift. At the end of The Blueprint you will have the opportunity to discover how to integrate this knowledge into your daily life.


The 'Ease' App 

With its meditations, activations, teachings and inspirations at your fingertips 24/7.

A great way to stay connected and on track to aid in the process of creating new habits and letting go of the old. The process of integration requires a continued dilegence to making new choices. Having this tool with you, to be able to check in to get what you need at any time during your day is invaluable. New material is delivered regularly to keep you motivated and focused.

The full Awakening Series 

7 weekly online sessions created to help with your integration process.

Each week join Al and Anne in a live group session. Our weekly personal online classes provide you with support, clarity, guidance and Q&A. We are there with you every step of the way to connect, inspire and celebrate your awakening and expansion into this awakened new way of living.

Membership to our private, closed Facebook group

Members are eligible to join the exclusive Private and closed New Way of Living Tribe on Facebook  where we all can communicate with like minded people all focused in the same direction.


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