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A New Way of Living Membership Group

We are a month-to-month online  membership group

Discover the 7 Secrets
To Living a Life You Don’t Need a Vacation From

Awaken to a new way of living 
where you don’t need to vacate your life to feel 
Free, Happy and Relaxed

Our membership group offers:

Guided Teachings

Videos and Audios

Live Group Sessions

A Private FaceBook Group

Meditations & Activations

Q & A Platform 

The Seven Simple Shifts

Awaken to a life that FEELS very different!
The Seven Simple Shifts show you how! 
A guided path to a new way of living.

Q. So what's different about A New Way of Living - The Seven Simple Shifts membership group?

We all tend to look outside of ourselves for change. We look to counsellors for help, we go to therapists for healing, we follow gurus for enlightenment and we look to our friends to join us in our problems. We look for people to fix us. We can spend months and years on the same problem with nothing really changing for us, as we continually look to the outside for solutions.

A. Here at A New Way of Living -The Seven Simple Shifts membership group, we turn the gaze inwards, we stop looking at what is going wrong 'out there'.  We offer you something different every week, that gives you step by step guided support. We help you find satisfaction and answers as you awaken to the life you want to live. We don't just talk the talk, we offer you a real and practical pathway to authentic change your life, simply, gracefully and empowered.

Q. How can I make changes when I've already been trying? Why will this be a different experience?

We move from job to job, relationship to relationship and from location to location hoping for something different. But if we are honest we find ourselves in the same situations just with a different guise. And when we believe we have done everything in our power we blame those people, places and circumstances around us. Nevertheless, we make change after change after change to the world outside of ourselves, with no lasting success.

A. Change can actually happen quite quickly when we find out the commonalities, the root of the issue. Here at A New Way of Living the path is clear, the way is simple, the steps are guided. We offer the deep insights into Self with our Seven Simple Shifts, the common factors that feed our humanness, the common factors that empower us to take our own personal power and take control of our lives, to create a life full of ease, joy, fulfilment, purpose, and happiness. Once we reconnect back to the truth of what we’ve always been, the essence of what it is to be human the path of change happens naturally and organically.

Q. What's unique about A New Way of Living?

Big ‘problems’ do not require big sized solutions. You can simply make the shift. The power is within you to change your life. Real change is an inside job and to create the life you want you have to look within. It’s about a change in perspective and attitude. The Seven Simple Shifts are seven guided attitude adjustments that help you learn to do just that. The beauty of this process is that any problem, big or small can be addressed and shifted without years of pain and suffering over buried emotional turmoil.

They move us to love our self before all else. They teach us that we have choices in every moment of our life. To discover who we really are under all the masks that we wear. These shifts help us to find ways to stand in our own power not being swayed by the world around us. Not being bogged down by the shoulds and should nots of our society. They entice us to realize that life is a celebration and that life can be celebrated in every moment.

A. The Seven Simple Shifts are your personal GPS, guiding you to be the authentic you. The are unique to A New Way of Living and they are offered to you in the spirit that they came to physical form - inspired, encoded love, with the intent to serve humanity back to wholeness.

Q. What can I expect from embracing these shifts of consciousness?

When people have come to understand these seven simple shifts and have made the adjustments in their lives, life absolutely gets easier, it most definately has more flow, it becomes a much much happier place to be. People say really it is a whole new way of living, and it actually is! Take a look at what people who have been working with the Seven Simple Shifts have to say ...

A.  Click to see what people are saying...

Each month in the members only area, you will have access to:

A guided teaching

Created anew each month to help you better understand one of the seven shifts. It will include tips and tools to do during the month to help incorporate the new learning into your daily life. It may be written, audio, video, or a combination this teaching will empower you, inspire you and help you see things from an entirely different perspective. which is necessary to move to an entirely new way of living.

Live activations / meditations

There will be a different meditation monthly for you to experience live along with all the members of the group as well as those attending in person. You can experience it just the once or to use it any time you wish during that month and beyond. The mediation will be created to activate the energies needed to assimilate the new shift into your being. Come back to it as often as you need to help make the shift yours.

Q & A Page

This page is there for you to ask us questions related to that month’s shift. Questions will be answered once a day, so you will get your answer in under 24 hours.

The live session

Here we dive into the month’s shift with a bit more detail and with the added bonus of having your questions and concerns expressed during the month. That way we can make it more personal for the entire group.

The private Facebook page

Is our platform for discussion, here members can post and discuss about the shift in question.  They can share experiences and bounce ideas of each other. We will also be on the page to add our viewpoints daily.

This journey of awakening requires our full presence. It requires us to live from love in every moment. In this group together we keep ourselves accountable, we learn together, we grow together, we reconnect to our selves as light and love. All of this is done moment by moment and through the Seven Simple Shifts we can all find a pathway to achieve this.

We would love to be a part of your journey.

As you grow and change, whether you are aware of the effect you are having or not, you are changing the world around you, so we thank you for the lives you continue to touch.
We honour your light and would love the opportunity to contribute to your unfolding as you journey. To walk side by side as we all evolve through this time of change.

So, we ask you. As you struggle to get through your days:
  • Are you ready to finally get to the other side of your healing and awakening journey?
  • Are you ready for true relief?
  • Are you ready for more incredible outcomes and for your life to flow easily and effortlessly?
  • Are you ready for the next exciting chapter in your path?
  • If so, then you are ready to live ‘A New Way of Living’.

Click below now to join us!

Welcome to a new way of living!

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