Embodiment is what we’ve been looking for. It is by no means the end of the journey, as we will always be presented with new knowledge and more moments of integration. The big difference here is the wisdom that comes with embodiment. In this stage we have reached the higher floors of the vibration building so to speak as our frequency has risen. We can now see what is happening in our lives and the world around us from a different perspective. Life flows as we let go of outcome and we move with the ups and downs with ease. There is little or no struggle in our world as we understand that we are the creators, and life happens for us, and not to us. There is a feeling of abundance, of love, of magic, and magnificence. There are actually no words for the experience of awakening deeply within our whole being.  In this embodiment stage, life flows with grace and ease.

In this new paradigm, vibration isn’t a matter of what we understand, but how honourably and heart-centred we are willing to be, no matter the situations or circumstances that come our way. In this journey to an awakened life, we cannot know our way into a higher vibration. Instead, we must show our vibration as a demonstration of how deeply our highest wisdom has been fully embodied into our daily lives.

The New Way of Living Tribe

The New Way of Living Tribe gives you access to all of our work through all three stages. It is a momth to month membership group that is always there for you. It gives you a constant support structure that will make your journey easier. As a member of the Tribe you move through the stages at your own pace, but with the support from ourselves as well as from the other members. We do this through monthly live online Q&A, monthly online teachings and exclusive membership to our private Facebook group. All designed to help you get the most from all of our products as you journey through your path to your awakening.

This process of awakening takes time diligence and patience. It can be a confusing and lonely road.

Come join us and discover A New Way of Living.

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