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A Path to Your Awakening

Whether consciously or unconsciously, many people are frustrated with their lives and have a real desire to find something different.

Big ‘problems’ do not require big sized solutions. We all tend to look outside of ourselves for change. We look to counsellors for help, we go to therapists for healing, we follow gurus for enlightenment and we look to our friends to join us in our problems. We look for people to fix us. We can spend months and years on the same problem with nothing really changing for us, as we continually look to the outside for solutions. 

We move from job to job, relationship to relationship and from location to location hoping for something different. But if we are honest we find ourselves in the same situations just with a different guise. And when we believe we have done everything in our power we blame those people, places and circumstances around us. Nevertheless, we make change after change after change to the world outside of ourselves, with no lasting success. Until we come to terms with what is going on in the inside nothing can actually change. 

The Seven Simple Shifts are your personal GPS, guiding you to be the authentic you. The beauty of this process is that any problem, big or small can be addressed and shifted without years of pain and suffering over buried emotional turmoil.

Level 1
The Blueprint  


Level 2
The Awakening Series


Level 3
A New Way of Living


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