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Finally an awakening community that teaches & empowers you to live a 5th dimensional life
in a 3D world
A guiding light in these challenging times of global transformation, assisting those ready to move into an entirely New Way of Living
Bridging the gap between the spiritual world and the reality of our physical every-day lives.

As a Tribe member you not only get access to the 

Weekly Meditations

But much more
You Get:

Daily inspirations

These daily inspirations are simple reminders to help you keep on track. They are not necessarily new learnings but a prompt to be your fullest, purest, most loving self that you can be, as often as you can. To live your best life possible with grace and ease.

‘The New Way of Living’ book

Take your first step, to discover more about the corner stone of all our work, The Seven Simple Shifts.

Discover the power of this system, and see how you can bridge the gap between your spiritual knowing and your every day reality.

The Deep Dive Live Group Coaching Sessions

Join us on our monthly members-only online live group coaching sessions where we dive deeper into a shift each month.

Helping You move continually to higher levels of consciousness.

The Monthly Checklist

Your place to check in to help you compare ‘you to you’ on a monthly basis. Allowing you to see how much you’ve grown and cahnged as you navigate your journey to awakening. 

Access to The Full Tribe Mobile App

Meditations, inspirations, teaching and activations, all at your fingertips 24/7

Having this tool with you, to be able to check in to get what you need at any time during your day is invaluable.

And Big Discounts

As Tribe members you get discounts on all of our offerings.

E-courses, workshops, V.I.P personal coaching and our exclusive retreats for mastery.

So the Savings Go On and On!

It’s time for change

The world is changing and we are starting to awaken to a feeling that we want something more. Our consciousness is awakening, and as we let go of our crutches we have nowhere else to turn but inwards. However, turning inwards can at times be confronting and doing it alone is a lonely path. The energy of the planet and the raising of our consciousness is something that is in motion, it is happening, and it is moving like a Tsunami at a fast pace. We now have a choice, do we ride the wave or get tumbled by it?

It is up to you to decide.


Are you ready to finally get to the other side of your healing and awakening journey?

  • Are you ready for true relief?
  • Are you ready for more incredible outcomes and for your life to flow easily and effortlessly?
  • Are you ready for the next exciting chapter in your path?

If so, then you are ready to live ‘A New Way of Living’.

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All this added value for only $11 more than your current membership.
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The Tribe

Welcome to a New Way of Living
$ 33
  • Weekly Live Meditations
  • Daily inspirations
  • The New Way of Living book
  • The Deep Dive Live Group Coaching Sessions
  • The Monthly Checklist
  • The Tribe App
  • And Big discounts on all of our offerings
  • Are you Ready to Create a Life You Totally Love?
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The Tribe App
The Tribe App
The Tribe App