Are you giving away your power?

Are you living the life of your choosing?

Take back your power & Create a Life You Totally Love!

Is this you?

Do you feel stuck in your life, looking for something new but not sure what it is? Do you always seem to put others before yourself, struggling to make decisions that put yourself first? Do you find yourself feeling deeply sorry for yourself while hiding the jealousy of others as your guilty secret?

Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept it:

In 7 weeks, to learn ‘The Seven Simple Shifts’ that will have you living your best life ever —  from Self-acceptance to Self-Love — so that you can wake up each morning feeling fully alive and on purpose and go to bed each night feeling happy and fulfilled.

Your Ultimate Outcome

By the end of our journey together you will have learnt The Seven Simple Shifts that together teach you to access yourself in a whole new way. To put yourself first without being selfish so that you can really take care of your own needs.

You will have learnt Self-Love where you love yourself fully for who you intrinsically are. So that you can finally break out of your old self-limiting moulds, to pursue your dreams with vigour and excitement.

To be able to explore relationships from a standpoint of power and strength totally in control knowing who YOU are, what YOU want and what YOU value.

All of this ultimately empowering you to march forward in the world confident and powerful, being at peace with what ever presents in your life.


You wake up in the morning in a state of gratitude knowing you matter, that you are worthy and loved.  You get dressed feeling good about the way you look. You go to work feeling powerful and confident. You relate to people in a way that is authentic and brings out their best.  You take risks and you boldly express yourself and your dreams. You no longer rule your behaviour or worth according to what other people may think of you.

Imagine that you have more kind things to say about yourself than mean. Your automatic go to is to always be compassionate and respectful of yourself. And you keep your arms wide open to receive all the abundance that is there for you, because you know you deserve it.

You navigate the world with your heart completely open and are not afraid to be hurt. And you go to sleep at night knowing that you are living a life that you’re fired up about, that you make a difference, and you love yourself just the way you are.  How will this impact you and your life?

Now, this may be close to the life you live now, and you’re just tweaks away. Or it might be so far from anything you’ve experienced, that you’re thinking…“How can this possibly work for me?”

Here’s what we can tell you:

We give you a proven process and an exact blueprint to develop profound self- love in your life. We’ll lay it all out in an organized and easy to follow step by step way, and we’ll walk you through every step. During the course  you’ll get teachings, live coaching, live Q&A sessions, audios, videos and specific tools, exercises and practices, to help lock it all in.

We created ‘The Power of Self-Love’ to be different than other programs. In this information rich time with the internet we are overloaded with knowledge. There are a multidude of books, blogs, podcasts, etc all saying, “you just have to love yourself,” but they don’t actually tell you EXACTLY what to do. That is a complaint that we often hear. So we designed this course to tackle the “HOW” in the most clear, simple, and effective way possible.

We’ve developed an exact and proven step-by-step system. No fluffy concepts you can’t be put into practice. No inspiration without action. No “good luck, see ya later.”

And even though we know you’re perfectly smart and capable, we’ll hold your hand through EVERY SINGLE STEP and guide you through EXACTLY what to do.

Self-First is not Selfish

Could this be the secret that has been hidden away from you and so many others?

The most powerful way you can live in the world is by truly loving yourself and then living your life from that place of love.

To help anyone else you must first be in the most conscious and empowered you possible. Your light is your true gift, so to give you must first shine. Through ‘The Seven Simple Shifts’ you learn to shine and as you start to truly love yourself, you can give the gift of your authentic self and that is the most precious gift you can give.

When your single most concern becomes “how can I be the Best ‘Me’ ”
You will you start to feel brighter, lighter and more enlightened.

The path out of this old habitual pattern is to put self-first! Which is NOT selfish. It doesn’t mean: “I don’t love you anymore” or “I don’t care,” it simply means “I love myself first, so I have extra love to give.” We can’t give from a place of lack. We give our best from a place of wholeness and abundance.” If we keep giving from a place of depletion, eventually we will have nothing left.

Come join us.
Take Back Your Power!
Discover the power of true Self-Love and then move out into the world with your new found brilliance and be the bright light you came here to be.

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The Power of Self-Love

It is a guided, realistic, do-able, accessible and proven route to experiencing real self-love. It instils true self-care and empowers you to live a life you totally Love.

Like most of us, I’m sure you are all too familiar with the old familiar pattern of always putting others first. You put yourself in service by burning the candle at both ends until there is nothing left for YOU.

You know it all to well, work, children, spouse, family, friends, housework, shopping, REPEAT.
We live in a world where everything and everyone seams to come before ourselves.
We often put ourselves out there saying, “I want everyone to feel better, to feel happier, to have more and to be in a good space.” This idea that taking care of everyone else first is the path to our own bliss, peace and joy, never works long-term.

What if You could reverse that?
What if you could take care of yourself, Be the ‘Best You Ever’ and still have the time and energy to be of service in any way that you chose.
The Seven Simple Shifts teaches you how to do just that.

What people are saying

Self-Love will change your life

Your Mentor – The Seven Simple Shifts

The Seven simple shifts are seven guided energy encoded adjustments.

Brought here by Algernon Williams, author, teacher, healer transformational life coach and guide.

Along with Anne Prichard teacher, leader, workshop facilitator.
Together they share first-hand the realities, challenges and pathway of moving from the constant fight of living in the old world of Pain, Struggle, Sacrafice, Repeat to the joy of an entirely New Way of Living.

You already have what it takes within you to connect with your inner self, your higher knowing and all the limitless choices that it and life has to offer. To manifest your new reality that is begging to be born into this new world at this time.

The shortfall we all face is the need to find the balance between heart and mind, male and female, being and doing. To find self-love and to let go of all the old patterns and habits to the point that we are able to truly believe this new paradigm into Being.

The Seven Simple Shifts will walk you through the essential steps to do just that. To Bridge the gap between wherever you are now and the life of your choosing.

We will teach you to:

  • Love yourself above all else
  • Uncover where you are still holding
  • Unearth your divine purpose
  • Cherish the importance of choice in every moment
  • Discover how to Stop worrying about what others think
  • Celebrate life in every moment
We truly believe that self-love is your birth right.

You just need to learn how to master it. Because the truth is self-love is about more than just bubble baths.

  • Self-love is about learning tools to tame that negative critic in your head.
  • Self-love is about nourishing yourself mind, body and spirit every day.
  • Self-Love is about unlocking your potential and becoming the person you have always dreamt of being.
  • Self-Love is about no longer settling and finally feeling worthy and capable of your desires.
  • Self-Love is about pleasure, authenticity, and making more time for your most important asset –



We can read all the books in the world, but true transformation occurs when we embody A New Way of Living and Being.
And ‘The Seven Simple Shifts’ teach us just that.

Anne’s Story

Who is This For?

Our work is designed for women who are ready to take control of their lives. To create and live a life where they are deeply loved and fulfilled, outrageously happy, and have the confidence and mojo to create and receive all the miracles that life has to offer!

So, Are You Ready?


  • For something different in your life
    For Something New
    For a life full of Joy, Happiness and fulfilment
    Are you ready for a whole New Way of Living
    It Starts Right Here, Right Now with You

Start Your Journey Now!
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'Your Journey to Self Love'

See You on the Inside!

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