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Come Join us on A Quest for Self-Love

Our Quest like the hero’s journey is a roadmap for self-development. It is the process of personal transformation from self-doubt, victimhood and judgment to a life of abundance, joy and self-love. We have learnt to live by a set of rules and beliefs that bind us to the lives we live in this world, and through our heroic quest we can and do break free from these conventions, we transcend them to discover our inner truths. And in the process, we return to our soul self, as we discover true love, Self-Love.

We Give You The Opportunity, The System and The Tools to change your life
Create a Life You Totally Love

The Hero in All of Us

(You are the hero of Your Story. It is about you and no one else)

There is something universal about the hero archetype. We all have an inner hero and we are all on a journey through life that in many ways parallels the journey of the hero. 

Join us on our quest to self-love, after all, you are the hero of your own story and you are worth it!

The Quest Starts with call to adventure.

The hero sets out from the world they know. Luke Skywalker leaves his home planet to join Obi-Wan to save the princess. Katniss Everdeen leaves her home in The Hunger Games trilogy, Neo gets unplugged from The Matrix with the help of Morpheus and his crew. In the Departure stage, you leave your old habits behind , the ways of the world you knew and enter the unknown, something new.

We make this stage an easy and painless one as we pamper you, read to you and guide to A New Way of Living.

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What do we do?

  • We teach, guide and empower you to awaken to a new way of living.
  • We help you create a life of your choosing, one you totally love.
What people are saying

Join us in this New Way of Living
Where there is

No chaos

No drama

No story

Just beauty


A New Way of Living is living our joy, our magic, our peace, it is the simplicity of living from kindness, the excitement of always knowing that there is new to come, and the awareness of how much more there is available to us as we remember states of pure love. Living in this way is sharing our light, living a softness that comes from honouring and respecting everybody’s unique reality, it is living judgment free. Here we are not caught up in anyone else’s lives, their beliefs, or what they are doing. Our sole focus in this new way is Just living fully and Being fully ourselves in every moment, creating, inspiring, uplifting and making a difference through our presence. This new way of Being is the New Way of Living and it is the most freeing life there is.

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