Learn to Live a Life you Don't Need a Vacation From

Awaken to an entirely new way of living 
where you don't have to vacate your life to feel


Being The Light

The light is who we really are; it is the universal intelligence, the clarity, the knowing. It is the energy of source. When we are the light we become a vessel through which it flows. The task is to be that light regardless of what is presented in front of us day to day. We must find a way to be the light, to feel the best that we can feel in that moment. We cannot be the light for anyone else; all we can do is to do our best to shine as brightly as we can, as often as we can, and to make that our single most priority. Then as we shine, everyone around us benefits by getting the best version of us possible. And for us life gets so much simpler, we find joy, peace and beauty.. This state of pure love holds no fear, no fight, no need to be right. We are connected to a deep knowing. We experience oneness and divine union. This is our new way of living!

You are not here by accident
If you have found yourself on this page it is because you are ready
for what we have to offer!

We Live in Exciting Times 

As the energy around us is shifting, and generally increasing, many of us are asking ourselves some deep and soul searching questions. In A New Way of Living we are here for everyone who longs for personal growth. It is our commitment to you to give you all of our best knowledge to help you make the changes that you are looking for in your life. You, like so many others, are searching for answers and with our help you can find them here. 

If you are ready you can learn to live a life that feels very different. a life that you don't need a vacation from,  a life that simply feels free!

Your first step

Our Book A New Way of Living is the entry point into our journey together. It is a practical, empowering and loving book is based on The Seven Simple Shifts and was created to help you in your spiritual awakening journey. These shifts are universal knowledge which come from the esoteric realms and have been brought to life here by Algernon Williams. They empower you to seize your best life by showing you how to shift your energy and transform your thinking about family, money, relationships, abundance, and the power you have within you to control your own life.

It inspires you to transcend the chaos and live a life of purpose in the present moment where great empowerment and life changing transformation occurs. We are continually looking for solutions ‘out there’ and we forget that we have all the magnificent resources and tools inside ourselves to catapult ourselves into an entirely new way of living by simply tapping into our own abundant source of energy.

For any of you who are just waking up or are in throws of your awakening or feel like you are on the verge of something different and new, ‘A New Way of Living’ is an invaluable resource for you to create a life you totally love.
It is available on Amazon Kindle as an e-book or papaerback

Working with us

is an investment in you finding your true Self. It is a commitment to becoming aware of the brilliance that you hold within and then discovering ways to bring that magic into the world with love and compassion. This is what we offer you at A New Way of Living. A conscious and systematic exploration of self with empowering tools and methods to make the shifts required to live in an entirely new way.

This process is transformational. So often we are driven to fight against the darkness, eradicate the ego, break down barriers, but we believe that you cannot break something, fight against or eradicate any part of you without doing some form of harm. There is a gentler, more loving way and that is what we bring to you.

If we were standing in a light filled room it makes no sense for me to ask you to turn on the darkness. The darkness is just an absence of light, it has no substance on its own. However, if we were in a dark room, I could ask you to turn on the light and the darkness will miraculously disappear. The same is true with us. Any darkness we may perceive within is simply an absence of light, and the only way to remove it is to shine light on it. Fighting to remove it, break it down, or any other such process only focusses more attention on the lack of light. Why not take the easy route and forget about the darkness and simply add some light? This will dissolve any and all blocks and barriers that you have within.

Our work is simple, methodical and it works!

How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

Get ready to experience life and prosperity in a way you've never done before! 


  • Find an entirely new way of living
  • Be empowered to live a happy and fulfilled life. One with purpose
  • Let go of many of the beliefs that are holding you back
  • Re-define your life in a way that allows growth and choice
  • Then create a life of your dreams, one of your choosing and making

This is what we are offering you. Our work is based on the ‘The Seven Simple Shifts’ These shifts are seven guided attitude adjustments, they are practical solutions that are full of Love and genuine compassion! They are tested, tried and true. They work to empower, inspire and prepare you to take on your challenges and realize your biggest dreams.  We know this because we use them successfully daily with our clients and ourselves!

You will start your journey with these shifts in our book 'A New Way of Living' as they are the foundation of all our work.

Are you ready to step into your greatest possible flow of wellbeing, abundance and love

in your life? 

You don't have to walk this path alone.

The journey to our awakening is a unique process which at times can be both confronting and lonely.

Join us and walk with love, respect and humility as we make the journey together with grace and ease to an entirely new way of living.

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