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The ultimate in helping you move through your Awakening with grace and ease

Finally an awakening community that teaches & empowers you to live a 5th dimensional life
in a 3D world
A guiding light in these challenging times of global transformation, assisting those ready to move into an entirely New Way of Living

Change Your Life in

We Give You The Opportunity, The System and The Tools to change your life
Create a Life You Totally Love

A New Day is Dawning! 

As we continue to resolve and dissolve old timelines and structures in preparation for building a whole new foundation as love, you will find that many of the old teachings no longer resonante with your journey, your next level objectives, and the establishment of your new timelines.

Our work at A New Way of Living is firmly rooted in this new path. Our focus has shifted as must yours from following as disciples to leading as Creators, from ‘becoming’ to Being, from struggling as apprentices to thriving as Masters.

The days of endlessly searching for the answers are over as we step into our own empowerment and learn to stand tall in our own sovereign knowing. A knowing that can only arise from the love that we have for ourselves and the respect that we give to our mastery.

Most of us are aware that we have entered into a new and powerful timeline that affords us so much more than before.  Join us as we take hold of these new energies and

Discover with ‘The Seven Simple Shifts’ how to create a life you totally love!

What do we do?

  • We teach, guide and empower you to awaken to a new way of living.
  • We help you create a life of your choosing, one you totally love.

How do we do it?

  • Through a tried and tested method ‘The Seven Simple Shifts’

How does it work?

  • Each shift is a universal truth that addresses a different and vital aspect of your make up
  • As you move through the shifts you are able to see things from an awakened perspective
  • As you shift you are afforded new freedoms
  • You learn and practice how to make new choices moment by moment, leading to different outcomes
  • You learn who you truly are under the masks society has placed on you
  • You learn how to connect your spiritual being to your  physical  in everyday life – outside the meditation room, outside the healing sessions, outside all the spiritual offerings.
  • The result is that you will be empowered to stand tall, to be the new you. Strong, no longer afraid to make the hard choices, able to choose from your heart, creating a life you totally love.

What are The Shifts?

How are The Shifts Delivered

The Seven Simple Shifts are delivered as a series over 7 weeks

‘The Awakening Series‘

In groups, live, online or in person

In The Awakening Series

You Get:

  • 7 live weekly sessions with Al & Anne
  • Recorded playback for those who miss the event
  • Audios
  • Videos
  • A Workbook
  • Weekly meditations
  • Tips, tools and tasks to work on during the week


‘The VIP Series’ 9 weeks

One on One, online or in person 

In The V.I.P. Series 

You Get:

  • A free introductory call
  • 9 live private weekly sessions with Al 
  • Recorded playback for you to reflect on during the week and after the series is over
  • Audios & videos selected to aid in your personal challenges
  • A Workbook that we will journal together
  • Weekly meditations
  • Tips, tools and tasks taylored specifically just for you to work on during the week

Looking for the support only a community can give you

There are 3 ways to Join our awakening community

Weekly Live Meditations

Monthly Teachings

‘The Tribe’ All of our offereings

What people are saying

Join us in this New Way of Living
Where there is

No chaos

No drama

No story

Just beauty


A New Way of Living is living our joy, our magic, our peace, it is the simplicity of living from kindness, the excitement of always knowing that there is new to come, and the awareness of how much more there is available to us as we remember states of pure love. Living in this way is sharing our light, living a softness that comes from honouring and respecting everybody’s unique reality, it is living judgment free. Here we are not caught up in anyone else’s lives, their beliefs, or what they are doing. Our sole focus in this new way is Just living fully and Being fully ourselves in every moment, creating, inspiring, uplifting and making a difference through our presence. This new way of Being is the New Way of Living and it is the most freeing life there is.

Discover where your


Unearth the multitudes of choices that are there for YOU to explore.
Learn to manifest with ease and consistency
Manifest a more uplifting life.

Be empowered to live a Life You Totally Love!

The Awakening Series

A 7 week group series
$ 333
  • 7 weekly sessions
  • Recorded playback
  • Audios & Videos
  • Workbook
  • Weekly meditations
  • Tips, tools & tasks

V.I.P. Series

A one on one personal coaching series
$ 999
  • 9 private sessions
  • personal session recordings
  • audios & videos specifically chosen for you
  • Workbook to journal in
  • Weekly meditations
  • Tips, tools and taskes taylored for your specific needs
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