The New Way of Living Tribe

The ultimate in helping you move through your Awakening with grace and ease

Finally an awakening community that teaches & empowers you to live a 5th dimensional life
in a 3D world
A guiding light in these challenging times of global transformation, assisting those ready to move into an entirely New Way of Living


Our Tribe is a Membership program with monthly ongoing teachings, coaching and personal support
Spiritual Awakening – Personal  development and Creating a life you totally love

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Your Road Map
guiding you step by step through the process of creating a life you totally love
The Unseen Path
Your first step on your guided journey to A New Way of Living
The Awakening Series
7 weekly live online sessions created to help with your integration process.
The Deep Dive Sessions
Monthly online teachings with Al & Anne diving deeper into the Shifts
The Monthly Checklist
Your place to check in to help you compare ‘you to you’ on a monthly basis
Monthy Meditations
Melt away to the sound of the crystal bowls and the energy encoded voice
Our Community Spirit
Access our community platform and discover the true power of the tribe
The Ease mobile App
Meditations, inspirations and teaching at your fingertips 24/7
Monthly Q & A Sessions
Get your questions answered every month as you start to live the shifts
Personal VIP Coaching
The ultimate support system, 12 weeks of one on one personal coaching

What's Next?

So, if you like what you see,
Come on in, take a test drive, try it out and let us know what you think.

Join us and be part of creating new impetus moving forward into this new energy. 

Help us build momentum as we birth this community of likeminded hearts and souls, thriving to create a support system like none other on the web.

All we ask is that you give us your honest feedback.

There are no requirements, you can give us as much or as little feedback as you like, it’s entirely up to you. All feedback helps us make the Tribe the perfect community for as many people as possible to grow, awaken and manifest lives they totally love.

Be part of something new in this brand new energy!

Join us in this New Way of Living
Where there is No chaos, No drama, No story, Just beauty.

A New Way of Living is living our joy, our magic, our peace, it is the simplicity of living from kindness, the excitement of always knowing that there is new to come, and the awareness of how much more there is available to us as we remember states of pure love. Living in this way is sharing our light, living a softness that comes from honouring and respecting everybody’s unique reality, it is living judgment free. Here we are not caught up in anyone else’s lives, their beliefs, or what they are doing. Our sole focus in this new way is Just living fully and Being fully ourselves in every moment, creating, inspiring, uplifting and making a difference through our presence. This new way of Being is the New Way of Living and it is the most freeing life there is.

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What people are saying

So who is this Tribe for?

We all deserve to feel confident, empowered and to live an uplifting life. Especially in this time of global awakening.

This Tribe is designed to do just that with its all-encompassing, step by step  guided approach to your Spiritual growth. A system that is tried and true, already used to help 100’s of people just like you!  

This Membership Program is for those who want an accelerated, guided and tested path to their spiritual journey (The Seven Simple Shifts), with live online sessions, Q & A sessions, monthly live meditations, our unique community and much more. All focused on empowering your growth in a balanced and holistic way moving through these Tumultuous times with grace and ease..

Live a more intentional and intuitive life, as you have more fun developing your inner wisdom, your creativity and your love of your unique spiritual self. 

Uncover and enhance your natural gifts allowing you to shine as you live in a new and effortless way with those you love, your friends or your clients.

Learn and practice these new skills as you bring them into your everyday life, learning to manifest the life you chose with effortless efficiency .

Discover where your


Unearth the multitudes of choices that are there for YOU to explore.
Learn to manifest with ease and consistency
Be empowered to shift and grow to live a more uplifting life.

What is available to you as a member of The Tribe

Live online teaching, coaching and meditation sessions with Al & Anne

  • Join us on our monthly members-only online live 'Deep dive' group coaching sessions where we dive deeper into a specific shift each month, as we together move continually to higher levels of consciousness.
  • Our weekly Awakening Series session for those doing the series
  • Our monthly meditation sessions where you can lay back and souround yourself with crystal sounds and vocal light encoded meditations
  • And our monthly Q & A sessions where you can ask us those burning questions, a highly valuable opportunity that allows you, our members to deepen your understanding of The Seven Simple Shifts as they apply to real life situations.

Membership to our exclusive and private community

  • where we can come together to communicate with like minded people all focused in the same direction.

Plus You get access to all of our offerings to work through at your leisure.

  • The Unseen Path All ten lessons for you to access at your leasure.
  • The full Awakening Series 7 weekly online sessions created to help with your integration process
  • The 'Ease' App With its meditations, activations, teachings and inspirations at your fingertips 24/7.

As a Friend of the Tribe Member
You will get 66% off the regular monthly price for life!!

But Spaces will be limitted


Spaces will be available